Gurman: The iPhone 14 Pro will always have a display showing the new iOS 16 lock screen widget

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Gurman: The iPhone 14 Pro will always have a display showing the new iOS 16 lock screen widget Listen to this article

The iPhone 14 Pro model is expected to feature an Always-on display that allows users to view visible information without having to tap the screen to wake up. in their latest version to start News bulletin By bloombergMark Gurman said the feature will include support for iOS 16’s new lock screen widgets for weather, fitness and more.

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“Like the Apple Watch, the iPhone 14 Pro will be able to display widgets showing the weather, calendar, actions, activities, and other data, while the screen remains at a low brightness and frame rate,” Gurman wrote. “And there will also be a setting, like the Apple Watch, that prevents sensitive data from showing up on the lock screen so everyone can see.”

Always-on display may be able to display time, date and unread information indicator. In line with the Apple Watch, which has had an always-on display mode since the Series 5, Apple will likely give users the option to enable or disable Always On Display on the iPhone 14 Pro model via the Settings app.

As mentioned by Gurman, the iPhone 14 Pro’s Always On Display mode should preserve battery life with a combination of low brightness and low refresh rate. Featured on the iPhone 13 Pro model, ProMotion allows the display to scroll up to 1Hz when inactive.

Apple is likely to introduce its iPhone 14 lineup around September as usual, barring any major disruptions in the supply chain. Only the Pro and Pro Max models are expected to have an always-on display, but this feature may be extended to the standard model in the future.

Gurman also said that Apple is planning a new Mac Mini with the M2 Pro chip, a new Apple TV with the A14 chip, a new HomePod, and more.

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