Gurman: The iPhone 14 Pro Cutout Will Actually Look Like ‘One Wide Pill’

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Gurman: The iPhone 14 Pro Cutout Will Actually Look Like 'One Wide Pill'
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The iPhone 14 Pro model has long been rumored to include a notch replacement that includes a pill-shaped cutout and a separate hole-punch cutout for the Face ID system, but this morning pre-event rumors suggested that the cutout will be added. A wide cutout using the software.

iPhone 14 Pro Lineup Feature Purple
bloombergK Mark Gurman has now confirmed that this is true, and he says the two separate cutouts will look like “one wide pill-shaped cutout” because the separate cutouts will “look weird” when the iPhone is in use.

Apple is expected to combine the bullet and hole cutouts into a single cutout for a more streamlined visual experience. The new tablet-shaped notch will not connect to the top of the device, but as a result, it will look similar to a notch. Apple will disable the pixels in the dead space between the two cutouts to simulate a unified cutout.

The original source of the rumor we shared this morning also claimed that Apple will be expanding the black-out areas around the cutouts for content purposes. For example, Apple may make the area wider to fit the status marks on the left and right, or expand it to a larger square at the bottom for certain notifications.

It’s only the iPhone 14 Pro models that are getting the new tablet-shaped cutout, as the standard iPhone 14 models will continue to use a notch.

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