Government and Autonomies Protect the State Treaty Against Gender Violence

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Government and Autonomies Protect the State Treaty Against Gender Violence Listen to this article

The idea was to protect the state treaty against gender violence – whose validity expired this year – and strengthen the common front for autonomy in the region. The extraordinary regional conference this Thursday morning in the Senate convened by Minister Irene Monteiro on March 17 had a practical and concrete objective, to reach an agreement on projects related to the treaty, and another ideological background: mark the red line popular. Against negative or vague speeches about sexist violence that took place last month in statements by various party leaders. After more than three hours, the idea is finally out on paper with the agreement that the agreement would be permanent through a working group that would be configured for the summer and that would bring government and autonomy together and without interruption. will allow it to work. , Without trial, by consensus of all autonomous communities.

“An island”, thus the Secretary of State for Equality, Angela Rodriguez, defined the convention at the press conference after the meeting: “It is an island in a sea of ​​criticism of equality policies. Tuning has been max. It has been a room full of feminist women who have set aside their political parties, and it is in the context of a growing refusal to make institutions public by telling women that this is their home, it is a safe place. is very important. policies that can protect them”.

He was referring to the first coalition government in Spain that includes the extreme right since the Popular Party’s split with Vox in early March. Among the points of that agreement is the creation of a domestic violence law. A week later, it was another position of the PP, Andalusian Minister of Health and Family, Jess Aguirre, who pointed to this possible regulation. and then Alberto Nez Feizu, President of Galicia and presidential candidate of the PP, which echoed the words of Aguirre. He denied the perverse violence that fathers inflict on their children to harm mothers; And, although he corrected a tweet a few hours later, he had already stated it verbally at the press conference following the junta’s council that day.

And it has been Feijou who wants to make “an appeal” Rodriguez: “Galicia has a law that recognizes perverted violence as sexual violence, appeals to her to make appropriate decisions to fight against gender violence and to To stop being stupid. likely to play into the hands of undemocratic forces”. The secretary of state has insisted that “the trivialization of violence helps to normalize it” and, if this discourse continues, “there will be children and adolescents repeating it.”

Extraordinary meeting of the Regional Conference on Equality in the Senate this Thursday.
Extraordinary meeting of the Regional Conference on Equality in the Senate this Thursday.Eduardo Parra (Europa Press)

Delegates at the conference “know that a compromise is necessary” and that “there has been no regional government, none left.” This would allow the state to comply with the renewal of the treaty, signed on 25 November by all political forces except Vox, with the opinion that “public, stable, adequate and adequate” sought funding of measures against sex crimes and a Compromised with respect to its compliance.

And today the same has been confirmed. Permanently shield the state treaty against gender violence with autonomy and the creation of a working group made up of government, which between April and May will analyze and propose the administrative and financial changes that are necessary to do so, for example , “Financing systems that can be multi-annual”, Rodriguez elaborated. In June, they will take it before the technical commission and state observatory in the region and, possibly in early July, the changes will be approved at a regional conference. In addition, they will build “a decolog of good practices” around the agreement, which they will present in November.

Accountability and evaluation of agreements

Without closed questions, as it will be now when that work begins, the Secretary of State has referenced some of the elements that will be part of these amendments, such as a system of accountability and evaluation of agreements so that compromises can also be made on this difference. – dealt with in the institutional sector or the reinforcement of a co-governance system that allows it to respond to particular crisis situations, such as the Covid pandemic or the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

as well as the strengthening, prevention and early detection of all forms of violence. “Not only those who refer to the Istanbul Convention, but to the Warsaw Convention,” Rodriguez said, referring to the fact that trafficking is effectively considered sexist violence. Royal Decree that was approved in the Council of Ministers this Tuesday introduced the change by which they would no longer be required to report to be considered a victim. This dissolution, the secretary explained, “facilitates access to their rights and resources, such as reception or minimum vital income”.

Finally, it added the reform of “action against all areas of violence”, such as perverted, digital or economic; or “Women who have not been at the center of focus, women from rural areas, the youth, the elderly, those who are homeless, with drug addiction or mental health problems, have a racial or a problem due to their ethnicity or national origin”.

Rodriguez believes that “we have to fix the tools” with which we work against sexist violence: “We have to learn to speak up so that we can be heard and that is interjection. The subject of public policy is not just a white, middle-aged woman with a certain socioeconomic status. Statistics say we don’t reach all of them, the average time to file a complaint is nine years. It’s clear that we’re doing things wrong, and we have to do it to get to all the places.

Measures related to Russian invasion of Ukraine

During the press conference after the meeting, Angela Rodriguez, the secretary of equality, referred to other Measures that were approved by Royal Decree in the Council of Ministers last Tuesday, Many of them relate to the crisis of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Early detection protocol at the border for sexist violence of all kindsWith special emphasis on trafficked and sexual abuse victims, single women and single children. For this the government will have the participation of the violence units of the government delegation against gender violence.

Regulation of Integrated Accreditation Model To strengthen early identification of potential victims of trafficking – due to the high recruitment risk that exists for women fleeing armed conflict – so that they have access to resources such as a minimally significant income. “Establishing a recognition model that envisions a new approach to victims as seen in trafficking law. [todavía en trámite]”, the ministry explained in a note last week.

Secondary identification protocol for trafficking and sexual exploitation cases for all public administrations and specific institutions, also focusing on the centers or places to which refugee women and their sons and daughters are sent; “In addition to deployment so that the reception takes into account the gender perspective and the care of children”, said Angela Rodriguez, the secretary of equality.

The easing of the remnants of the State Treaty against Gender Violence. “The CCAA will be able to invest money that was not made in the Pact Fund’s previous exercise in establishing programs aimed at Ukrainian women victims of violence.”

Expansion of the Joint Responsibility Plan so that Ukrainian women“Or the de facto guardians of minors up to the age of 16 years”, can avail it as beneficiaries.

Extension of Telephone Service 016 Serving victims of trafficking and sexual abuse, providing legal and social advice and emotional support. This telephone number, another for the Women’s Institute and one to assist victims of racial discrimination, will serve in Ukrainian. For example, “a woman who is in a brothel would be able to call and find out what resources she has and start the repair process,” Rodriguez specified.

Preparation guide in Ukrainian with the rights they have.

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