Gossip Girl stars reflect on the weirdest parts of teen shows

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Gossip Girl stars reflect on the weirdest parts of teen shows
Gossip Girl stars reflect on the weirdest parts of teen shows Listen to this article

gossip Girl Stars Leighton Meester and Penn Badgley poked fun at the show’s weird and unrealistic tropes. Premiering on The CW in 2007 and based on the Cecily von Ziegser books of the same name, gossip Girl It was an instant hit. A decade after the teen drama took off, it lives on through a recent HBO Max reboot. gossip Girl He is also remembered for his fashion, complicated relationships, and the often dizzying drama that surrounds the characters in a single episode.

gossip Girl It also has a legacy of turning its main cast into stars, including Leighton Meester and Penn Badgley, who played Blair Waldorf and Dan Humphrey, respectively. Dan and Blair became involved in one of the show’s more light-hearted and well-received storylines later in the season, when they moved from “friends” to a romantic relationship. more often, however, gossip Girl Skilfully using his initial controversy as part of a marketing campaign, leaned heavily toward scandal and obscenity. Ultimately, viewers were shocked and even somewhat confused when the final episode of the show featured Paddle’s character Dan as a nominal gossip.

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appearing in crushed Podcast, co-hosted by Nava Kavlin, Sophie Ansari and Badgley, Meester interviews her gossip Girl co-star. talk about your time gossip GirlIn this episode, Meester discussed how he disturbed the show’s sex scenes to set unrealistic expectations for younger audiences. Badgley agreed, repeatedly making fun of drinking at an early age, which went off without a hitch. Meester and Badgley’s quotes are written below.

master: I’m 20 at the time, not just doing sex scenes or, you know, sexual fantasy stuff. And then in bed with someone or something else. We were 20 years old. So whoever was watching this, of course girls who were actually 16 years old, I was playing a 16 year old girl. They are looking at it wondering what this 16 year old boy looks like; Right now I see a 16 year old girl having sex and a 16 year old girl in lingerie and her body. But in reality he is not a 16 year old boy. He’s 20, but my mind says he’s 16. So it affects you too.

badgley: To me, that’s what I mean. It’s like if we actually put 15 and 16 year olds in these teen shows and movies, we’d all be like, What the fuck? You know, it won’t be fun, it won’t be sexy. But then we put on people who look like us. And you know, we already love shaving twice a day. And you know, it’s not fair to anyone. Yes, you know, it’s just… it’s not.

master: And going to the bar and ordering dirty martinis and that’s no problem. To be like… ‘It’s my 15th birthday’.

badgley: It’s like James Bond. Like, ‘I’ll have Scotch whiskey.’ I killed a man.’

Chuck and Blair hold hands on Gossip Girl

The elements that Badgley and Meester discussed in their comments are not limited to earlier times. They HBO. continue on gossip Girl The reboot, which sees a girl in her teens being offered a drink in its first few episodes. Rebooted teens can also be surprisingly world-weary for their age and level of privilege, with couples often treated like married couples rather than people in a high school relationship. , new version of gossip Girl It also continues a story from his original series, in which a teacher has sex with a student. While Reboot attempts to denounce this behavior, as in the original gossip GirlThere are also several scenes that seem to sensualize and embellish this troubled relationship.

Badgley and Meester’s comments are insightful. Despite being the central star of the hit teen drama, the actor clearly knows that gossip Girl It set unrealistic standards for romantic and social interactions, and engaged in unreliable plot to make up its central drama. While this is by no means a new approach to soap operas, which often contain shocking and nearly impossible twists, it is interesting to hear the actors reflect on the series’ impact so many years later, and how gossip Girl It may have influenced its target audience of impressionable young teens.

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