Google announces features like spatial audio and transparency mode to Pixel Buds Pro with AirPods Pro

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Google announces features like spatial audio and transparency mode to Pixel Buds Pro with AirPods Pro Listen to this article

Google unveiled a range of new Pixel devices at its I/O developer conference today that will compete with Apple products, including Pixel Buds Pro,

Google Pixel Buds Pro
The Pixel Buds Pro are Google’s new premium wireless earbuds with the same features as the AirPods Pro, including active noise cancellation, a transparency mode that helps with ambient noise, “Hey Google” hands-free voice control, already Automatic switching between paired Bluetooth devices, integration with Google’s Find My Device app to track its location when it’s lost, and spatial audio support coming later this year.

According to Google, the Pixel Buds Pro fits in your ear with the Silent Seal feature, which maximizes noise cancellation, while built-in sensors measure the pressure in your ear canal to make sure they’re able to hear for long periods of time. Are comfortable to wear during the season.

Pixel Buds Pro can be paired with any Bluetooth 4.0 or higher device, making them compatible with devices like Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. They charge wirelessly in a case and offer up to 11 hours of listening time per charge, or up to seven hours with active noise cancellation enabled. The case can also be charged via USB-C.

The Pixel Buds Pro will be available for pre-order on July 21, priced at $199 in the US, compared to $249 for the AirPods Pro. The earbuds are designed with a smooth matte finish and are available in four color options: Coral, Lemongrass, Fog, and Charcoal.

The AirPods Pro hasn’t received any hardware upgrades since it was first released in October 2019. Rumors suggest that the second-generation AirPods Pro will launch later this year with an upgraded wireless chip, motion sensor for fitness tracking capabilities, and possibly a more compact design. , Similar to Beats Studio Buds.

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