Glasgow to become first UK store to unionize Apple Store employees

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Glasgow to become first UK store to unionize Apple Store employees Listen to this article

Glasgow Times this day reports Employees of Apple’s Buchanan Street store in Scotland are set to become the first branch to unionize in the UK.

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Apple Glasgow employees are said to have applied for Apple’s voluntary union recognition after joining the country’s general labor union, GMB Scotland. He says low wages, lack of transparency in pay and unfair shift patterns have prompted him to move on.

An Apple employee, who asked to remain anonymous, told the newspaper: “In the UK, Apple has staff forums, but these are consistently shown to be ineffective and feedback is ignored. It is a one-sided conversation.”

“We need our representatives and a proper voice to change things. People are suffering from cost of life crisis. We need pay hike, transparency and voice.”

There has reportedly been frustration over recent scheduling changes that have left workers struggling to find work-life balance. Store workers in Glasgow also said they earn around £12 ($15) an hour and would demand a pay increase if union recognised.

In response to news of the move by Apple Glasgow employees, an Apple spokesperson was quoted as saying:

“We are fortunate to have amazing retail team members and we deeply value everything they bring to Apple.

“We are pleased to offer very strong compensation and benefits for each team member, including private health care, increased parental leave, paid family leave, annual stock grants and many more benefits.”

The news follows similar moves by Apple retail employees in the United States. Apple retail stores in Washington state, New York City and Maryland are organizing and taking steps toward unionization. Employees want higher pay, more vacation time, better retirement options and other benefits.

Apple has since agreed to improve working conditions for retail employees in the US amid unionization efforts, but not before the company tried to thwart employees’ efforts by broadcasting anti-union videos .

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