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George Edwards: Very Nice Person

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George Edwards’ Pleasant Man with the elegant discretion of dying in a dream, during a mid-afternoon nap, which is almost always like dying at dawn, only to be revived in late-night conversation or browsing early-morning readings For. Edwards’ pleasant persona has moved like an echo or murmur of the musical manner with which he spoke, caressing syllables and coaxing vocals, where such intimate landscapes of Chilean monuments and historical passages as his own pain Looks glorious.

I saw him among the shelves of an old bookstore, picking up copies here and there, like someone walking through the woods of his own memory. He spoke with his eyes and suggested the invocation of each of the immortal writers passing through his hands, exemplary novels, timeless stories, and all this while it sounded like an academic master’s degree at a makeshift university. That gentleman leaving the bookshop, as one skips class, tracing with his cane the thread of time on the impenetrable sand, must live as the image of this afternoon: the diplomatic writer who has lived through eternity First goes away from so much noise to give its credibility.

George Edwards doesn’t deserve to be marked by his book persona non grata, however those prescient pages record the disillusionment that became infectious in the face of the abuses and contradictions of the Cuban Revolution, since then prone to the nonsense of quashing wills, imprisoning ideas and ideals, censoring consciences… Today as it goes, the idiotic survivalist is already an example of shoddy authoritarianism on the island or in parochial Nicaragua; Worse still, what George Edwards is going on today – declared obnoxious because of the ungratefulness of his closure – remains childish and shamelessly delusional teaching. And Edwards does not deserve that his memory is exemplified only in the book where he describes his diplomatic misadventures on the olive green island because his literary work is even wider and greater: the author of at least two beloved books where He imprisoned his close relationship with the poet Pablo Neruda, not without denying the nodal differences with Stalinist obsessive extremism from Isla Negra and there are also stories with which he opened a gap from the beginning of his ink and some other novels where he excelled Distilled the high office of language in difficult prose, punctuated with the punctuation and pauses of a knight-errant. Edwards had an old fountain pen and high flights, inheriting the charm that suggests that some Chileans are not like the Englishmen of the Southern Cone and at the same time, although far from rural landscapes or typical plots, they found themselves in spirit. internalized the silent dialogues of his characters. Nodal conditions of pain or universal happiness.

I watch her walk away with all the alternate books she has crafted into all the shelves of her memory to reread and reread forever. There remains a slight gleam that illuminates his gaze and that very judicious smile of sarcasm and wisdom that usually befell the most pleasant archangels from the dome. A Cervantes laureate rides into the night to meet his comrades and meets the sad man who gives his name to that highest prize of our common language, a swift and long trail of words with which he has set the imagination wide. And contributed to preserving the memory of all of us who speak and read with the letter Eñe… and nothing remains but to write sincere gratitude in front of its most kind shadow.

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