Fuel purchases directly within Apple CarPlay will be available this fall

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Fuel purchases directly within Apple CarPlay will be available this fall Listen to this article

Drivers will be able to pre-authorize fuel purchases directly in Apple CarPlay starting this fall (via) Reuters,

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function, which is mentioned for the first time Developer session at WWDC Starting this month, it will allow CarPlay users to navigate to a pump and use apps to pre-authorize fuel purchases. Fuel companies will offer different apps that users need to install on their iPhones to make it available in Apple CarPlay. By entering payment credentials into the iPhone app in advance, users will be able to activate a pump and buy fuel directly from the CarPlay user interface.

Gasoline firm HF Sinclair said Reuters Which plans to adopt the new CarPlay functionality. “We are excited about the idea that consumers can navigate to Sinclair Station and purchase fuel from their vehicle’s navigation screen,” said Jack Barger, the company’s senior vice president of marketing. Also, Donald Frieden, CEO of P97 Networks, said, Reuters Which has received calls from oil companies who want their apps to be available in CarPlay.

Apple has opened up more app categories for CarPlay over time, such as parking, electric vehicle charging, and food ordering. The Driving Tasks app for business trip mileage logging will also be available along with the Fuel app later this year. Fuel Shopping apps will be available in Apple CarPlay when iOS 16 officially launches in the fall.

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