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Florentino Perez’s slap on Alameda and a video of Carmena and Mestre penetrate the Madrid campaign 72 hours before the election

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Podemos has placed a canvas in the cells of José Luis Martínez-Almeida with the image of Florentino Pérez in a slap.
Podemos has placed a canvas in the cells of José Luis Martínez-Almeida with the image of Florentino Pérez in a slap.we can do madrid (we can do madrid)

The curtain rises and a new Podemos banner appears on a building, what is the name of the protagonist? Florentine Perez. The president of Real Madrid has entered the election campaign in Madrid with a giant election poster. Podemos – without United Left – has put up a new election poster this Thursday – after two controversial ones in the Salamanca neighborhood, on one cayetanos and another with the face of Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s brother – on Calle de Alcala near Ventas. This time José Luis Martínez-Almeida and the President of Madrid appear in it. Florentino Pérez, raising his right hand, goes to smack the mayor of Madrid. On his head, he wears a great slogan: “Madrid deserves respect, not smoke.” And one last sentence: “Vote for Roberto Sotomayor, so that Florentino doesn’t rule.” Sotomayor is the Podemos candidate for mayor of Madrid.

Where does this image come from? This Monday, Real Madrid basketball players visited the Cibeles Palace. There he was received by the mayor of Madrid after winning the eleventh Euroleague last Sunday. After an act on the fourth floor, Almeida attends to the television cameras. Sixth And Beach Bar. As he speaks, Florentino passes right behind and slaps the mayor of Madrid. Almeida, smiling, replies:

-Oh little collie The President has given it to me. Aggression, aggression, I ask for VAR.

Florentino, after hearing these words, approaches the microphone: “It’s going to come to us in a month.” In a month the final phase of the ACB Basketball League will end. 72 hours later, Podemos has used this image to generate noise in the midst of the campaign, a tactic that its own candidate recognized in an interview with EL PAÍS last Friday:

Does it have anything to do with the fact that 46% of Madrid’s residents don’t know who you are?

-Definitely. It is about telling that this is the first time that we are presenting ourselves to the Madrid City Council.

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This Friday, Sotomayor explained the reason for the new Florentino and Almeida poster on his Twitter profile: “With the slap it became clear what I said in the debate, that Florentino Perez is in charge in Madrid and Almeida is only his butler. On May 28, with our vote, the people of Madrid are going to slap the powerful, and reclaim City Hall and privatized public services for residents. Pablo Iglesias, who joined the campaign with a rally this Thursday. In the Lavapiés neighborhood, it has also released the picture and a comment against Almeida: “He is a coward to the economic and media powers.” Almeida has responded to Iglesias during an act in the Plaza de España: “On May 4, 2021, the people of Madrid cut their ponytails (en referencia a que Iglesias terminó su etapa política tras los comicios madrileños) and the following Sunday they Will give him a new smack.

Manuela Carmena reunites with Rita Maestre

The former mayor of Madrid has lashed out at left-wing parties in Madrid for six months – except for Podemos. PSOE has made videos with him. Recupera Madrid has invited him for a political breakfast. Y Más Madrid has organized some events with her. However, Carmena has been silent in these last days of the campaign. Until this Thursday.

MAS Madrid has released a video which, according to party sources, was recorded this Wednesday. Carmena reappears with candidate Rita Maestre 72 hours before the Madrid election. The video lasts 90 seconds and the former mayor of Madrid talks to Mestre about the elections. “You’re the one who knows our government and who knows, really, really, what the City Council and the actual policies are.” Carmena thus shows her clear support for Más Madrid three days before the election.

PSOE launches mayor of Paris

“We are at a decisive moment for Madrid,” said Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo in a video broadcast by the Madrid PSOE. “It is my honor to express my unconditional support for Reyes Maroto. Choose that candidate.” The PSOE faces a defining moment this Sunday after losing 60% of its votes in 20 years and currently being the fourth force in the city council.

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