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Naldathal, the patron deity of Ulda, the overseer of the underworld and the god of commerce who acts as the ultimate master FINAL FANTASY XIVThe Alliance’s last raid, Aglaia. This raid marks the first part of the Myths of the Realm series, unlocked once the Warriors of Light complete the post-walker Search, “Kingdom of the gods.To clear the dungeon, the adventurers must face several powerful entities: Biergot, Ralgr’s messenger, Ralgr, the Lion of Aglaia, Azema and the merchant: Naldathal.

Nald’thal in boss fight FINAL FANTASY XIV It will begin with Naldthal Casting As Above, So Below, an inevitable raid-wide AoE ability that changes the appearance of the sphere. A set of floating lanterns will appear, as well as the floor turning into a blue and orange donut. If the floating lanterns are blue, stand in the center near the boss to take the least damage from the attack. However, if the lantern glows orange, stand in a blue circle on the ground around the arena. Nald’thal will cast this ability twice before moving on to the next mechanic.

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The next big potential is Heaven’s Trial, in which the boss targets three random party members with an inescapable cone-shaped attack. These three goals should be set aside to avoid harming the rest of the group. The fourth member will also be targeted with the stack marker ffxivWhich means players must move with this person in order to evenly absorb incoming damage.

How to beat Naldthal in Final Fantasy XIV?

How to beat Nalthal in Final Fantasy XIV?

Far Above is the next main mechanic from Far Bottom Nold’thal, which is similar to Heaven’s Trial, but works in a slightly different way. Three players will hit the Blue Pursuit AoE for several seconds, while the fourth will receive a stack marker. These three targets must remain close to the outer ring of the arena to ensure that they do not harm any other members. Once up of different colored AoE circles on the ground will always appear a down attack set. The floating lantern will again appear around the boss. If the lantern turns blue, the blue AoE will activate and deal damage, but if the lantern turns orange, the orange circles will activate instead. ffxiv,

Nald’thal’s Hellfire will blow up half the room and a major AoE attack will be indicated by the direction it is facing. Wayward Soul then creates giant balls falling from above, which deal AoE damage in a circle. ffxiv Fans are advised to stay closer to the center and change the angle of the camera to ensure they are in the proper position to avoid being hit. To pass Fire Up, players must position themselves near a indicated push that will damage them but push them to safety in the arena.

One of the final and most confusing mechanics of a Naldthal boss fight is soul measurement. During this ability, three sets of players will appear as they join a group. These members must band together to avoid their conical attacks and kill these aggregates. The boss will then cast the tipped scale, during which ffxiv Players must balance half of the arena by 24-24. Note that players weigh 1 point, while everyone killed before they die has a total of 8 points. Players must coordinate to balance the scales; Otherwise, the mechanic will end up in a wipe. However, once players have defeated Tipped Scale, the rest of Naldthal’s abilities will be repeated until he is defeated.

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FINAL FANTASY XIV Available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam or the official Square Enix website.

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