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The PP has taken so many turns at the center in its short 44-year history that even some Congress representatives took it for laughs. “Return to the center”, one of the young people, very happy, like the vast majority, by the departure of Pablo Casado, a leader highly questioned internally and very inclined to the right; And with the advent of Alberto Nez Feiju, a more liberal profile, though always contradictory, able to deliver a lime and a sand in every sentence, in every speech, in every decision.

“Do you remember Alfonso Guerra’s joke, ‘Where will the PP come from, which has been turning to the center for so many years?’ Well, now we are back. But this time it feels real”, remarked another representative in a relaxed conversation just after Feizu’s speech. “It’s back in the nineties,” joked a third party, a member of Casado’s generation and the group that attacked power with him and took advantage of the war between Soraya Sainz de Santamaria and María Dolores de Managed to win the primary. Cospedal.

At that 2018 convention, delegates explicitly chose Casado’s speech on the right, based on Aznar’s idea of ​​”without complexes.” And the leader of the PP imposed himself on that line, with a vehement protest against Pedro Sánchez, who also voted against the state of alarm, blocking the General Council of the Judiciary for more than three years and calling him “no Said bosses told them to at least stay away from the labor reform they negotiated with unions.

Casado tried to knock him down, and he was about to succeed. If Alberto Casero, one of his loyalists, had not been wrong, everything could have been different. But that mistake triggered a series of disasters that ended with the fall of Casado three weeks later.

Feizu, seated front row with Antonio Garamendi (CEOE) and Pepe Alvarez (UGT) as guests at the Seville Congress, made it clear that nothing like this would happen to them: “I respect social agents, employers I am,” he said, stating his excellent relationship with the former head of the Post Office Construction Committee while directing. “She is my only communist friend,” he said to the laughter of an audience at a party that has been applauding Isabel Diaz Ayusso for two years, who used his entire speech and even his election slogan. The fight against communism”. ,

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“I have learned to negotiate, to agree. We are going to sign agreements. Let no one trust me to participate in this children’s entertainment in which Spanish politics has degenerated”, he assured after highlighting a series of pertinent issues in which he offered to make great agreements with the government.

Fizu, after being named president of PP, with his staff in Seville this Saturday.
Fizu, after being named president of PP, with his staff in Seville this Saturday.alexander ruesga

This turn of Feij, with almost the opposite speech of Casado, if it is consolidated, completely changes the Spanish political landscape in the remaining year and a half of the legislature.

Sanchez’s mandate coincided with a fierce competition between PP and Vox to see who was tough against the government. And that, added to the terrifying personal relationship between Sanchez and Casado, has forced maximum tension, even in a pandemic.

Even in very difficult times from 2015 to 2018, when bipartisanship came into crisis and both the PSOE and the PP were threatened by the right and the left, Sánchez supported Mariano Rajoy in the application of Article 155 of the Constitution in Catalonia and both a good Build a relationship

This turn of Fiju has been accepted by the government with hope. Sánchez and the second vice president, Yolanda Diaz, who know the PP’s new leader of Galician politics well, welcomed their promotion on the network with kind words, inviting them to finalize this commitment to the contracts. . “Congratulations to Feizu on his election as the President of the PP. In this complex time, working in unity and responsibility for the common good of citizens should be the priority of all of us,” assured Sanchez. “Today more than ever, our country needs a loyal and constructive opposition that wants to take us back decades,” Diaz wrote.

This last key is one of the keys to understanding the doubts that were in the government on Feizu’s turn this Saturday. He has already taken the initiative in La Moncloa and has contacted the Galician presidential team to hold the first meeting with Sanchez this week. They have given him two dates: Tuesday and Thursday. And now they’re hoping to pull it off. But it will be very fast.

There are high expectations from that meeting, so they are listening to the new leader of the PP. But Feiju’s decision to quickly accept Vox’s entry into the government of Castilla y León, which Casado categorically rejected, has greatly alarmed the socialists.

Vox the key to everything. Is

Many members of the government believe that there may be a shift toward more agreements, but first they want to see what Feij’s relationship is with Vox and how the first agreements are specified, specifically judicial. Decree on the renewal of power and the vote on the plan for the struggle of 6,000 million euros against the war in Ukraine.

Tone is the key to everything. PSOE has already seen how Casado clearly broke with Abascal in the momentum of the condemnation in October 2020, but came back in a very difficult position in the end. And he fears the same could happen to Feiju as the pressure from Woakes is too strong. Popular people in Seville saw it very differently.

To him, Feiju is a much more efficient leader than Casado, and he would know how to stop Woakes, which, according to top-level leaders, is “fashionable.” No one in PP or PSOE discusses that Feiju is very different from Casado, and his keynote speech shows it. Now it has to be seen how it goes from words to deeds. “If only. But deeds are love”, said a minister.

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