Feijóo: “I’ve never seen a government that reacts with such carelessness, parsimony and laziness”

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Feijóo: “I’ve never seen a government that reacts with such carelessness, parsimony and laziness”
Feijóo: "I've never seen a government that reacts with such carelessness, parsimony and laziness" Listen to this article


The PP’s elected leader, Alberto Nez Feizu, has resumed a national political tour this Friday to present his candidacy after several days focused on his responsibilities as president of the Zunta de Galicia. In Bilbao, where he shared an act with the popular Basque leader, Carlos Iturgiz, which was supported by Pablo Casado, Feiju has filed a lawsuit against Pedro Sánchez’s government and adopts measures to counter them. accused of delay. Crisis due to rising energy and fuel prices. “I have never seen a government that reacts with such laziness, parsimony and laziness”, complained the Galician baron, who believed that the executive was late in solving problems.

While the prime minister battles in Brussels against German resistance to achieve the Iberian exception, which allows the price of electricity to be sharply reduced, the elected leader of the Popular Party influences Sánchez to approve a package of measures. to wait for a European response. About the energy and fuel crisis. “It is necessary for the government to act now, and when I say it is not now at the end of the month, but when problems arise,” Feizu claimed. The Galician barons have been distancing themselves from the executive in resolving the price crisis since the president’s agreement with regional leaders at the conference of presidents of La Palma on 13 March, in which they agreed to act together in response . To the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine. PP believes that since then Sanchez has delayed too much in time.

The president of Xunta has also downplayed Sanchez’s visit to European vice-chancellors to garner support for Spanish proposals on energy. “Being president doesn’t have to be The Falcons, the Hundred Consultants, or the makeup service or the tour of Europe or the television series,” Feijo criticized. The Galician barons also charge against the thesis that war in Europe caused inflation to skyrocket. “What has happened in Spain in the past year and a half is to blame for the war in Ukraine, which has been going on for four weeks,” he ironically expressed.

Feizu has addressed the main leaders of the Basque PP this Friday, a party that suffered a tremendous internal turmoil only two years ago, when Genoa dismissed Alfonso Alonso and along with Carlos Iturgiz and Ciudanos formed a coalition. The Galician baron knows that wound and has cited Alonso in his speech, who has now started appearing in PP acts after the departure of Pablo Casado. Feizu also gives his fellow Basques a recipe for flying in an area that has a residual force, popular with 5 of the 75 regional seats. The mirror in which he has to see himself is the Galicianism of Galicia and PP, that is, a party with a marked regional accent. “The Galicianism of the PP makes it the party that resembles Galicia”, defended Feiju. This thesis clashes with the party with which the popular Basque Euskadi is in coalition in Ciudadanos, which advocates a similar model for the country, although it is now in reduced hours.

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