Favorite Macron warns of Le Pen victory: "Don't believe the polls: nothing is impossible" Listen to this article

Emmanuel Macron called on his voters this Saturday to distrust him in the polls that cast him as the favorite in polls, which are 10th in the first round and, two weeks later, and “general mobilization”. appeal to defeat. The president’s main rival, far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. The President regretted that the overbearing speech had been trivialized and stopped intimidating.

The candidate for re-election at the La Défense Arena pavilion on the outskirts of Paris said, “Don’t believe elections that say it’s impossible, that it’s unimaginable, that the election is already decided and all is well.” Will be done.” , and before the thousands of supporters in the only major rally planned before the first round. “From Brexit to so many elections, it doesn’t seem like this has happened. I insist to you: nothing is impossible.

Macron’s call came in the last leg of a more than two-hour speech in which he details his election schedule and claims the remainder of his five-year term. There were pro-European and patriotic French proclamations. And the promise of wage reform: purchasing power is becoming the central theme of Le Pen’s campaign. And protecting the French social model, combined with the demand for more work: raising the retirement age from 62 to 65 is one of his program’s star proposals – and risky -.

Eight days before the first election round, Macron led the election with an expected vote turnout of around 27%, followed by Le Pen, with 20%, and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a candidate from the populist, with 15%. left. supports. In the second round, in which the two with the most votes face each other, Macron will prevail over Le Pen, but with a narrower margin than in 2017. Then Macron got 66% of the vote; Lepen, 34%.

“I don’t want arrogance or defeatism: I want general mobilization,” the president said. The goal was to activate his troops, terrified that Le Pen was closing in on the election, and that the war-busting president in Ukraine had not fully immersed himself in the campaign.

Macron was speaking like a wide boxing ring from a stage in the middle of the arena. The crowd waved French and European flags. His wife Brigitte sat in the front rows; His parents, who rarely appear in public, and most of his Govt. He was no longer the image of the young politician who overturned the old party system in 2017; now he is EstablishmentSystem man. The danger to him is complacency and the tendency of the French to oust whoever is in charge. Macron’s two predecessors – the conservative Nicolas Sarkozy and the socialist François Hollande – only served one term.

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Macron quoted author Charles Pegue as saying, “The worst thing is to have a habitual spirit.” He said: “And we got used to it. The extremist threat is high as alternative truths have been scorned in public debate over the years.

He was talking about extreme authority. He has never been so close to power in France, and yet this prospect does not ring alarm bells as it did a few years ago. Macron’s victory in 2017 blew away the usual choice between centre-left and centre-right and left a landscape with a great Macronist center and, as an alternative, radical choice. Since then Le Pen has been taken over thanks to the so-called demobilization and normalization strategy.

“We have become accustomed to seeing anti-Semitic writers, other racists, parade through some television sets,” he said in a nod to networks like CNews, owned by the Vivendi Group, without citing him, which Helped propel the campaign to Ultra candidate Eric Zemor.

“We have become used,” he continued, without citing any names, “to harsh lies, misogyny. We have become accustomed to seeing political leaders talk nonsense about Covid, conspiracy theories about vaccines with the risk of endangering the lives of our compatriots. And the next day they are invited again. ,

Macron also did not mention Le Pen, but did mention him when he criticized politicians who “leave the euro in the morning and return to Europe at night.” In 2017, Le Pen proposed a single currency and leaving the European Union, a position it corrected in 2022. The president recalled a millionaire loan from a Russian bank that the national rally candidate had received in a previous campaign. “We have become accustomed,” he insisted, “to allowing candidates to call themselves patriots, while foreigners finance their project and their party.” putin factor Plan on campaign.

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