Exciting and gentle concert by Alizz at Razzmataaz with Rigoberta Bandini and Amaya

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Exciting and gentle concert by Alizz at Razzmataaz with Rigoberta Bandini and Amaya
Exciting and gentle concert by Alizz at Razzmataaz with Rigoberta Bandini and Amaya Listen to this article

Musician, composer and music producer Alizzz at Mapa Msica's recording studio in Madrid.
Musician, composer and music producer Alizzz at Mapa Msica’s recording studio in Madrid.Jaime Villanueva (Country)

First closeness, first sight, first touch, first time. That sweet whirl that shakes, that first feeling, that first feeling which is later remembered as perfect happiness. They first happened on a Wednesday night at Razzmattaz, returning the impression of great nights after months of waiting. This was the first concert, which had almost become normal, was promoted by the hall itself, whose workers had birthday faces while their eyes were filled with the public. And it was also the first time that Cristian Quirante, Alizez, three Grammys behind him, the producer of C. Tangana, among others, premiered among his people as a solo artist after the pandemic postponement. Yes, it was the night of the first, if possible a virgin night.

It was seen in everything. Initially, Christiane announced that he felt excited and nervous, and, as he said, it was known that this was true, that it had an effect on him at first. It wasn’t the pose, I was nervous, I was excited. She, sluggish on stage as a dieter, sparse, unaccustomed to facing the spotlight of stardom, swung barely around the microphone like an insect around a light bulb, sang “You texted me and then you wrote it to me.” removed / You’re sorry, I’ve passed this too” and the audience, hearts in their throats, pressed against the stage fence like ants on a strawberry. Everyone, virtually everyone, smiled, projecting their desires through their gaze and it rested, when possible, on their partner or the person they wanted to be. The moments that live only when music unites all, all one, a room that fills a single person who goes crazy with happiness.

Normally independent pop bathed in electronica with a 90s air and accent, their songs were defended by Alizez, a singer with more intent than decibels. What has made his debut solo album a success is knowing how to capture that first emotional moment, the first doubt, the first disappointment of a relationship. His songs, his tone, his arrangement, in verses summarize those moments that literature helped, those moments of emotional fragility in which the world is worth a gesture and the rest do not count. Also, the presence of Rigoberta bandini in the middle FarceLoyalty to his uniform skirt, like heavy to his long hair, suddenly spilled dozens of beers uncontrollably into shaken glasses. He went on to the next topic, dawn And no more paroxysms could be imagined. But yes, it has come. Unless you’re portished, the songs in most live shows are billed more severely than on the album, the moment of approaching a wall to escape a new beer bath was repeated you don’t deserve it anymoreForgetting the harshness of the song, the success followed by the failure, the public turned themselves wherever they were and the mirror was the tip of a rotating arm.

There will be more. The guests pair off with Amaya, who sings a song with Alizez on the album that reflects her soul, face, a half-time story that describes a coincidence between two people who, after a crazy night long ago, unexpectedly meet again to ask themselves “What are we going to do?” And even more madness, if it were possible, right there, the place where these situations happened while dancing on any given night. Stories of clubs that have become possible again after months of blackouts. it was all already Before DyingThe song has now been popularized by C. Tangana and Rosalia in a version that could be signed by The Cure or a post-punk band.

final stretch. Alizz hasn’t had a repertoire for an hour yet, so repeats in surprise. wolf man in paris, if union. And surprisingly, it was hummed by people who were barely zygotes when the topic was all the rage in 1984. with bye i feel nothing now And the confirmation that Alisz is in that sweet moment of career, when everything begins, when everything is new, when everything is done with haste, when the first time is not the first withdrawal, but It happens for the first time and it should never be repeated. It was also a tender.

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