Evil Dead: The Game – Hunter Ash Best Setup (perks and abilities)

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Evil Dead: The Game – Hunter Ash Best Setup (perks and abilities)
Evil Dead: The Game - Hunter Ash Best Setup (perks and abilities) Listen to this article

There are four different classes, including Hunters, in Evil Dead: The Game, and players can choose Hunter Ash to unlock specific abilities and craft a quality build. Determining which abilities to unlock is largely based on class benefits and the abilities available to each character. Ash Williams wicked dead 2 It’s part of the Hunter class, and the best build maximizes its damage with the boomstick.

Predators are graded weapon classes, so the best build for these characters is usually to optimize their ranged weapons. Hunters use less stamina than other characters and carry more ammo. Ash Williams is one of four Predator players, which include Kelly Maxwell, Ed Gately and Amanda Fischer. Like other classes, each character in the Hunter class has its own unique active and passive abilities that are unlocked by leveling up. Evil Dead: The Game,

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Hunter Ash’s activated ability allows players to drive away monsters from other survivors or from lower level units on the side of the enemy. If the Tekken is an elite or boss, using the Exorcist skill will drain the demonic energy of the monster. Ash’s first passive ability is Treasure Hunter, which allows players to see supply boxes through walls up close. At level 10, Ash gains the ability to start each match with a boomstick, and at level 25, Double Barrel deals more damage and increases attack speed. As players progress and spend points in Ash’s talent tree, inactive skills will be automatically unlocked.

Best Talent Tree Skills for Hunter Ash in Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead The Game Best Hunter Ash Build Perks And Skills Talent Tree

Since the Hunter class specializes in ranged weapons, the best skills on the talent tree are those that increase range damage and upgrade your weapons. The best Hunter Ashes focus on dealing damage rather than increasing defense, such as the tanky build used for Warrior Ash Evil Dead: The Game, Since Predator focuses on damage, it is recommended that players also have a supporting character in their party, such as Cheryl Williams, who can unlock the ability to heal others while drinking Shemps Cola. With a level limit of only 25, it can be hard to choose where to spend your points. Fortunately, players can change their abilities at any time without penalty.

  • long shot (4/4 +50%): Increases the range of ranged weapons.
  • hollow points (4/4 +25%): Increases weapon damage.
  • divide and conquer (2/3 +15%): Increases the damage of ranged weapons.
  • firm grip (2/2 +35%): Reduces the recoil of ranged weapons.
  • fear no evil (2/3 +10%): Reduces the amount of fear received from any source.
  • harder than hell (2/3 +5%): Reduces the amount of damage done.
  • deadly from afar (3/3 +15%) – Increases weapon damage when targets are more than a certain distance away.
  • last chance (3/4 +20%): Increases the damage done by the last shot of the weapon.
  • close to lethal (3/3 +15%): Increases marginal damage when targets are within a certain range.

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Evil Dead: The Game Available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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