Everything new with iOS 16.1 beta 2: lock screen charging indicator, copy paste alert fixes, battery status updates and more

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Everything new with iOS 16.1 beta 2: lock screen charging indicator, copy paste alert fixes, battery status updates and more
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Apple today released the second beta of iOS 16.1, bringing some notable changes to the charging indicators on the iPhone and also fixing some bugs. We’ve rounded up all the changes in the second beta below.

iOS 16

battery status bar visual charge indicator

In iOS 16 Apple added battery percentage to the battery icon in the status bar on the Face ID iPhone, and in iOS 16.1 beta 2, improved the feature to show a visual indication of the charge level.

ios 16 1 beta 2 battery

The battery icon changes throughout the day when the battery is drained or charged, making it easy to see the charge level at a glance. Before the beta, the battery indicator in the status bar showed percentage, but the battery level was constant and always full, making it sometimes confusing to quickly determine the iPhone’s charge.

battery font

Apple has updated the font used for the battery icon by increasing it slightly in size.

lock screen charging indicator

When charging an iPhone, the battery percentage is now displayed above the time the iPhone first starts charging and each time it wakes from sleep during the charging process.

ios 16 beta 2 charge level

This allows a clear indication of the charge level when tapping on the iPhone’s display without unlocking the device. The Always-on display does not show the charge level and the battery level is required to be displayed in order for the screen to wake up on the iPhone 14 Pro model.

copy and paste fix

Persistent copy and paste prompts that iOS 16 users are seeing have been addressed in iOS 16.1, and you no longer need to explicitly approve each copy and paste attempt. While this is fixed in iOS 16.1, we are expecting Apple to address it with an iOS 16.1 bug fix update ahead of the iOS 16 launch that is planned for next week.

iOS 16 Copy Paste Permission Prompt

no camera shake fix

Reports suggest that the bug that caused the iPhone 14 Pro’s rear camera to vibrate and not vibrate in iOS 16.1 beta 2 has been addressed. Apple has said that the problem will be fixed in an upcoming iOS 16 update next week, and we’re looking forward to an iOS 16.0.

Other New Features

Know about a new feature in iOS 16.1 that we skipped? Let us know in the comments below.

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