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Everything for Valencia: Feijoa forgets Galicia and Díaz calls for votes for two parties Autonomous elections 28M

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Ourense politician Alberto Núñez Feijoa, who for 13 years declared that his “commitment to Galicia was greater than that of the party”, is already “another Valencian”. If from the Presidency of the Junta he denounced that the Mediterranean border has benefited from the distribution of regional financing and railway investments, this Thursday he criticized that the region does not receive what it deserves because of its “economic importance” Are. Everything is possible in that world of illusion of campaigns. In the Valencian Community, Yolanda Díaz managed to solicit votes for Unides Podemos in regional elections and for Compromis in the capital’s municipal elections, even though they are rivals. The final sprint towards 28-M arrives and shows that the result of a tough battle with Turia will determine who climbs to the top of the podium. “Road, arm, strength, come closer… We have the best polls and we feel the change”, Carlos Mazzon, the popular candidate for the Generalitat, has encouraged his loyalists.

At stake is a third term for the left’s coveted agreement in the return of Botnik (PSOE, Kompromis and Unides Podem) or PP, this time with Vox. Returning to Valencia after a rally in Ballering last Sunday, Feijo downplayed his party’s past in this country, which has been tainted by corruption scandals. They have insisted that it has been “rejuvenated” with “new cadres” and have not cited any of its former owners. This has not only vindicated Francisco Camp in full court against him for his alleged involvement gurtel case, But he didn’t have a word for Rita Barbera when, addressing mayoral candidate María José Catala, she said that the Valencia City Council “needed a woman”. Well, the first time she said it was for the Barcelona City Council. With the chairman of the PP, there is no speech without a slip.

The leader of the PP “ashamed as a Spaniard”, has called on the PSOE to break ties with the “Muslim coalition in Seville”. “Sorry, Melilla,” he later corrected himself. As if the accusations of fraud in the autonomous city and the arrest of two party candidates in Mojacar (Almería) did not deter, the socialists have breakfast with the request of the judge who is investigating the kidnapping of a mayor in Marasena (Granada). so as to accuse number three of the Andalusian PSOE.

Feijoo has decried that “the funding is not fair with Valencia”, that “Spain’s water policy has long discriminated against it” and that “priorities for railway infrastructure are in line with the country’s economic and demographic profile”. Not in order of importance is “Spain”. Popular Valencians have called on themselves to ramp up in the last hours to “talk to people, to friends, to neighbors” and try to convince those who plan to vote for Ciudadanos or Vox have been PP tries to avoid swallowing the great toad of governing with a far-right candidate guilty of sexist violence.

Sumar’s leader, Yolanda Díaz, also dumped the remains in the capital of Turia, taking the balancing act of her campaign to the limit. This Thursday they were at an event organized by a citizens’ platform against the port expansion project in Valencia, after asking community voters in Alicante on Wednesday to focus their votes on Unides’ PODEM candidate, Hector Ilueca. There he has sought support for Joan Ribo from Compromise, a party linked to Sumer, in the presence of the Podemos candidate for the same position: “We have to continue with the changes of the government of Ribo mayor’s office. The second thing is vandalism, corruption and hit by balls”.

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Ada Colau, one of Díaz’s great allies, has received the support of 255 mayors, teachers and activists from 40 countries, among other great 28-M battles. London councillor, Sadiq Khan, former Uruguayan president Pepe Mujica, thinkers such as Noam Chomsky or Judith Butler, and economists such as Thomas Piketty have signed a manifesto, in which they praise the current councilor of Barcelona, ​​who “belongs to the lobby of Stand for “Housing” and get a “Green” City. The mayor of Paris, Socialist Anne Hidalgo, has sent messages of support to her party’s two candidates, Nora Abatete in Bilbao and Reyes Maroto in Madrid.

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