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ElRubius Tha Tigre: How ‘The Masked Singer’ Convinces Celebrities Who Are Allergic To Television To Participate In The Competition

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Elrubius, one of streamer And youtube users who has more than a million followers around the world, made Wednesday night one of his few television appearances. He has been under the mask of Tigre, one of the characters who competed in the third season of the successful Antena 3 competition. Masked Singer: Guess Who Sings, He has been eliminated in the second round of the contest. “I’m here basically because my mom was excited,” he remarked after being discovered.

Following the appearance of international stars such as American actress Tori Spelling (feel alive) A few weeks ago or British singer Mel B (one of the members of Spice Girls), the Fremantle-produced program has specialized in attracting its sports characters, whose fame comes from areas far removed from television and who are largely allergic to it. Not only do they dare to sing in public, but they do it by hiding under the most outlandish costumes, in a place that is a staple of South Korean television.


For Carmen Ferrero, entertainment director at AtresMedia, the presence of characters like Elrubias is one of the great feats mask singer, “The influencer And the stars of the virtual world are an added value to attract young viewers to the program. because, like everywhere else in the string, one of its primary keys Casting It lies in uniting profiles that interest all generations”, he commented over the phone.

Ruben Doblas, better known as Elrubias, exceeds any Spanish televangelist in terms of calling power. He has 40 million subscribers on YouTube and is the third most followed Twitch user worldwide with 14 million. In masked singer, In what was one of the few television appearances of her life, she made her debut singing a version of the rock classic in the beginning Made a few years ago by the Italian band Maneskin. He has shown courage in his second and last participation. everything about youBig breakthrough for Raw Alejandro. He A ray of light Already appeared on Antena 3 in 2015 to the edge of thought, Risto Mejide’s talk show, similar to Mediaset’s Chester. And in 2020 he presented his own program in Neox—also from AtresMedia, top gamer academykinda Triumph Operation of video games.

Since its inception, it has been responsible for Casting All of the contest has tried to maintain the ability to surprise the audience with unexpected signings, such as Isabel Preysler, the queen of the pink press, politician Esperanza Aguirre and Instagram star María Pombo last season or radio icons such as José Ramón de la Morena. currently. Already in his first program, in 2020, he included Georgina Rodríguez, whose voice until then was barely known (neither spoken nor sung). Since then, she has also become a TV star with her own reality show on Netflix.

mask singer He arrived in Spain in the midst of an epidemic. It was a balm of pop surrealism imported from South Korea that helped audiences survive the tragedy. With its third season, currently on the air, it has established itself as one of the most successful programs on Spanish television, with an audience share of around 18%, similar to veterans your face is familiar to me one of two survivors,

Esperanza Aguirre in 'The Masked Singer'.
Esperanza Aguirre in ‘The Masked Singer’.

Mario Briongos, director of content for Fremantle Spain, the production company in charge of the contest, assures, even at the risk of falling into cliché, that this is the season that will surprise the most, with names that will generate a lot of conversation. As of now, only three episodes have been aired and six of the 16 contestants from this batch have been discovered. “There are a lot of cannons left in the coming weeks”, he continues, also by phone. International celebrities are offered very luxurious hotels to compensate for the fact that, in their case, they cannot move freely in Madrid while recording the programme. This way, they ensure a place so comfortable they won’t mind leaving it, surrounded by a staff that is used to maintaining the sanity of their customers.

“Apart from the economic motivation, with a cachet to match, and the idea of ​​participating in a space with international success, another factor that assures this type of profile outside Spanish television is that it is safe under a mask. Feeling This is something they would never do with an open face”, comments the producer. From one side, mask singer, one of several formats made with celebrities in Spain, reverses the celebrity status of its participants. “And on the spot celebrities At the same level, (the difference from other contests o realities con famosos) No one is better than the other in this competition.

Currently, the cast of the fourth season of Masked Singer. ,Let’s go for the impossible. We aim very high”, continues Ferrero. Both the Atresmedia and Fremantle boards prefer not to name any celebrities who may have declined to participate in the event. “I do not name anyone because I never lose hope. Some said no to us at first and then we convinced them”, says Ferrero. “The two contestants who won’t be participating in the third season haven’t told us for years and now they are here,” Breongas noted.

ElRubius’s Clues

One of the clues that helped the program’s investigators and viewers discover Elrubius’ identity was: “I’m pure fire and when I light up I start to leave and I’ll tell you how my appearance on Jimmy Kimmel went. ” both that and the other youtuberMars, appeared briefly in a photo in 2017 late night During an interview with American actress Jennifer Lawrence, who previously took to the Spanish YouTube channel to promote one of her films. Antonio Banderas, Enrique Iglesias, Saul Craviotto, Luis Fonsi, Ricky Rubio and Carlos Bardem are just a few of the names the space spies wrongly suggested: Javis, Ana Obregón and Mónica Naranjo. They haven’t been able to figure out who was behind Tigre’s disguise.

Another clue assures that “the secret is in the fruit”, referring to the record Doblas achieved in the network in 2016, with more than one million “likes” in 48 hours, accompanied by a message of eight letters (lemonade). Gave a simple message in the form of a single word. ) and an emoticon, demonstrating its enormous power among the virtual community. Among those sharing the message, there was the trick of juggling a dozen video consoles, among other things. In another track, he claimed to be 7,000 million years old, when in fact he was referring to the number of replicas generated by his video.

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