Elections: Israel’s government loses its majority after a conservative deputy flees

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Elections: Israel’s government loses its majority after a conservative deputy flees
Elections: Israel's government loses its majority after a conservative deputy flees Listen to this article

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed an anti-government rally in Jerusalem on Wednesday.
Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed an anti-government rally in Jerusalem on Wednesday.Abir Sultan (EFE)

After 10 months of relative peace at the end of a two-year crisis with four legislative elections, Israel returns to the internal political instability of its fragmented parliament. The Flight of an Ultra-Orthodox Deputy Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s government was left without a majority of 61 in the 120-seat Knesset on Wednesday. Bennett was twice shocked by the departure of Idit Silman, an Orthodox Jew who learned of the defection from the press. This MP belonged to the same party as the prime minister – Yamina, with an ultra-nationalist orientation – and served as the coordinator of complex votes in a heterogeneous coalition of eight parties.

The coalition formed by three right-wing forces, two centrists, two from the left and, for the first time Israel, an Islamic Arab formation, undermined conservatives in June last year. Benjamin Netanyahu, After 12 years of service in the office. His position in the Knesset is even more precarious after the departure of Deputy Silman, who claimed in a statement “to act in defense of Israel’s Jewish identity.” But the coalition of the so-called government of change does not threaten a short-term coup in parliament.

First, Netanyahu would need to add at least one more deputy to the opposition ranks to be able to move a no-confidence motion with the support of 61 seats. But above all, he must persuade six Arab nationalist lawmakers from the Joint List coalition to offer his unlikely support. For now, political tensions appear to be contained in the Knesset until the start of the next season, in mid-May, followed by the celebration of chained religious festivals—Ramadan, Jewish Passover and Holy Week—which coincide exceptionally in April this year. it happens.

The Jerusalem court indicted Netanyahu on three separate counts of bribery, fraud and abuse of power. Protected from the discomfort of most conservative Jewish areas due to a wave of attacks with firearms that claimed the lives of 11 people in three Israeli cities in late March, the former prime minister has pressured several right-wing deputies to break the discipline of Islamists. With the presence of a government coalition. Three attacks were carried out by three Israeli Arabs and one Palestinian.

Silman’s escape was the first part of Netanyahu’s strategy. To celebrate, he led a massive rally in Jerusalem on Wednesday night demanding the resignation of the executive. “Israel is staring to death. This weak government in the face of terrorism must be abandoned because it is harming Israel’s Jewish identity”, thundered the former prime minister from the speaker gallery, with ultra-conservative and far-right leaders following him. whom it shares the great opposition parliamentary bloc.

“I have tried to work for unity, but I cannot go against Israel’s Jewish identity. I am leaving the coalition and I am going to try to persuade the other allies (representatives) to return to the common house of right to form a conservative government. I know I am not the only person who thinks this way”, Slimane added in his farewell statement, in which he did not warn his political leader, Bennett.

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Conservative nun Silman has resorted to the pretext of unleavened bread allowed by Jewish law during the long week of Easter to justify Netanyahu’s escape to a nationalist and conservative camp. As chair of the Knesset Health Committee, she asked the health minister, leftist Nitzen Horowitz, to ban the consumption of leavened bread in hospitals.

The Supreme Court ruled last year that the religious freedoms of secular Jews, Christians and Muslims living in Israel must also be respected in their eating habits and removed the traditional hospital veto. The minister replied that he should follow judicial decisions rather than rabbis’ orders. For Orthodox Jews, the presence of leavened bread during Passover is seen as sacrilege. This is why they try to thoroughly clean their homes to remove every last piece before the festival begins next week in memory of the flight of the Chosen Ones from Egypt.

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