Ecobee’s new HomeKit-enabled premium smart thermostat launches for $249

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Ecobee’s new HomeKit-enabled premium smart thermostat launches for 9
Ecobee's new HomeKit-enabled premium smart thermostat launches for $249 Listen to this article

After multiple leaks, the maker of accessories for the smart home ecobee today officially announced its new premium smart thermostatWith major new features including a premium design with high-end materials, a bigger screen, a new user interface, improved sensor technology, indoor air quality monitoring and green packaging.

Official Ecobee Premium Smart Thermostat
Like the popular Nest Thermostat, the Smart Thermostat Premium has a glass face with a metal casing, while previous Ecobee models have a plastic design. The thermostat has a 50% larger display with better responsiveness, and the user interface has been improved with a larger temperature slider and simplified navigation.

The thermostat comes with Ecobee’s SmartSensor, which can be placed anywhere in the home to detect motion and provide more accurate readings of home occupancy and temperature to help control hot or cold spaces.

Ecobee said the new thermostat is built with the company’s most advanced sensor technology to enhance temperature readings, occupancy detection and motion detection, while a new built-in air quality sensor predicts carbon dioxide (CO2) and volatiles. Monitors indoor air quality including levels. organic compounds (VOCs), as well as relative humidity. The thermostat displays the home air quality status directly on the screen.

Like other Ecobee models, the Smart Thermostat Premium is compatible with Apple’s smart home platform, HomeKit, and a built-in speaker supports “Hey Siri” voice commands for tasks such as setting the temperature and sending intercom messages (including a connected HomePod). Or HomePod Mini ) ) to the same Wi-Fi network). The thermostat is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and the IFTTT automation platform.

Ecobee’s latest smart thermostats can double as home security systems, with professional monitoring available in the US for $10 a month.

According to Ecobee, the Smart Thermostat Premium has a 30% smaller package than the previous model. Inside the box, the company said the recycled paper has been replaced with compostable tapioca starch trays and the paper manuals are no longer included. An installation guide can be accessed using a mobile device.

premium smart thermostat The Ecobee is available to order starting today on the website and through select retail partners including Amazon, Lowe’s, The Home Depot and Best Buy, priced at $249.99 in the US. a low end advanced smart thermostat The model without features like air quality monitoring and voice control also launched for $189.99, while the ecobee3 lite Will be available for $149.99.

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