Each Apple Watch Series 7 Color and Which One You Should Buy

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Each Apple Watch Series 7 Color and Which One You Should Buy
Each Apple Watch Series 7 Color and Which One You Should Buy Listen to this article

Apple You have an eye-catching wearable on your hands with the Apple Watch Series 7, and part of that is down to some of the colors available in the smartwatch. After using the Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 6 to introduce new features and health sensors, the main focus of the Apple Watch Series 7 is its design. It has smooth, rounded corners, increases the case size to 41mm and 45mm, and brings a bigger screen to fit more information on the screen at once. If the Apple Watch has started to feel aesthetically dull in the past few years, the Apple Watch Series 7 is a pretty appealing upgrade.

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While Apple hasn’t traditionally played with exciting colors for the Apple Watch, that started to change in 2020. The Apple Watch Series 6 came in the same gray, silver, and gold spaces as the previous Apple Watch, though it also introduced a new blue one. , And the red option for mixing. As a wearable that is often touted as a fashion accessory, having multiple colors to choose from is a really nice touch. Fortunately, this is something that has continued with Series 7.

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apple watch series 7 available in Five colors for the aluminum case: Midnight, Starlight, Green, Blue and Red. Each can be paired with a variety of watch straps to further customize your look, although the case color cannot be changed after purchase. All five colors are offered for the 41mm and 45mm variants of the Apple Watch Series 7, starting at $399 and $429, respectively. Additionally, the stainless steel Apple Watch Series 7 comes in Silver, Graphite, and Gold options.

Apple Watch Series 7 at midnight

From the top of the list, midnight is the hazy color. It is darker than Space Gray and is reminiscent of matte black. Some might find this a little boring, but for anyone who wants their watch to look sleek and stealthy, Midnight seems like a great option.

Apple Watch Series 7 in Starlight

Starlight is the most neutral color and replaces the previous silver style. Compared to silver, starlight looks almost a bit tasteful. It does nothing to draw attention to itself, but then again, that’s what some people want from their Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 7 in green

If one wants a little pizzazz without going overboard, the green Apple Watch Series 7 could be the perfect middle ground. It is a very dark green color that can actually be mistaken for black with the naked eye. In fact, it’s reminiscent of the green one Google used on the Pixel 5a last year.

Apple Watch Series 7 in blue

But what if that isn’t colorful enough? Another option is the new blue color. It’s brighter than the blue Apple used for the Apple Watch Series 6, and therefore stands out a bit more. If one is bored with midnight, starlight and green, the blue Apple Watch Series 7 is a great option.

Apple Watch Series 7 in red

Likewise, the red Series 7 is just as vibrant as its blue counterpart. It might be more difficult to match blue and red with some Apple Watch bands in the future, so keep that in mind before going for such a bold color.

Apple Watch Series 7 in Silver

Then there are the stainless steel options for the Apple Watch Series 7. Many would argue that silver stainless steel is the best one to get an Apple Watch. It’s sleek, neutral, and less likely to show raised scuffs during everyday use.

Apple Watch Series 7 in Graphite

But if you’re okay with painted stainless steel, the graphite color looks extraordinary. It has the same weight and weight as the silver substitute, but replaces the natural silver color with a less gray one. If you’re trying to have the most secret Apple Watch beauty possible, this is the way to go.

Apple Watch Series 7 in gold

Last but not least is the Apple Watch Series 7 in gold. If you want to be as cool as possible then this is the Apple Watch. The weight of the stainless steel combined with the shiny gold color is sure to be too much for some buyers. But for others, it will be the style they are looking for.

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