Dutch regulator now happy with Apple’s rules about dating apps

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Dutch regulator now happy with Apple's rules about dating apps Listen to this article

After a months-long saga, the competition regulator in the Netherlands has finally accepted concessions from Apple to allow dating apps on the App Store to use alternative payment methods (via). Reuters,

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On Friday, the Consumer and Markets Authority (ACM) published to update Stating that “Apple is now complying with regulations” regarding dating apps’ ability to allow its customers to pay through methods other than Apple’s payment method. The statement continued:

“That is why the ACM is no longer required to implement a fresh order subject to payment of penalty from time to time. In recent months, ACM gathered information from dating app providers and independent experts before assessing compliance with Apple’s order.”

In December 2021, ACM announced that Apple should allow dating apps to accept alternative payment methods on the App Store in the Netherlands. Apple Appreciation With the lawsuit, but initially requiring Dutch dating apps to submit a separate app binary to accept alternative payments.

ACM remained dissatisfied with the changes, and the regulator fined Apple a total of 50 million euros between January and March for failing to comply with the order.

Apple removed the requirement that dating apps compile a separate binary, which the regulator deemed “inappropriate” and an “unnecessary constraint” for dating app developers. Apple also announced further changes to its policies on Friday, but said it does not believe these updates are in the “best interest” of user privacy or data security, and continues to appeal the original ACM order.

“Until recently, dating app customers could only make payments using a payment method employed by Apple,” ACM wrote in its latest update. “In the opinion of the ACM, Apple abused its dominant position with these practices. From now on, dating app providers can allow their customers to pay in different ways.”

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