Dropbox plans to release Mac app beta with full support for macOS Monterey in the fourth quarter

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Dropbox plans to release Mac app beta with full support for macOS Monterey in the fourth quarter
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Dropbox plans to release a public beta of its Mac desktop app with full support for macOS Monterey and later in the fourth quarter of 2022, a company representative said today. forum post share on reddit,

Common Dropbox Feature
With the release of macOS 12.3 in March, Apple removed the kernel extensions used by cloud storage services such as Dropbox and OneDrive, resulting in users allowing online-only files stored on Dropbox or OneDrive after updating third-party apps. I was unable to open. The new version of Dropbox for Mac will include full support for opening online-only files, but the updated app is yet to be released after several months.

If the latest deadline promised by Dropbox is kept, the public beta for the new Mac app should be available around October through November, which is likely around the same time that Apple will publicly release macOS Ventura. Will do

In the meantime, Dropbox users can continue to open online-only files on macOS Monterey and later by double-clicking on them in the Finder app.

Here is the full forum post:

Hi everyone,

Thank you for arriving. We listen to your feedback and we are working hard on this experience.

A public beta for full support for macOS will be available in early Q4. For now, you can still double-click to open files in the Finder. Everything else is working as usual.

Your experience remains unaffected on PC devices, dropbox.com and the latest iOS and Android apps. You can find more information here: https://help.dropbox.com/installs-integrations/desktop/macos-12-monterey-support.

Please make sure you have turned on early release and you will receive a notification once the beta is available to you.


Dropbox previously said that it would begin rolling out updated versions of its Mac app to beta testers in March, but development has apparently taken longer, leading to several complaints in a Dropbox forum thread about the matter. have come to the fore.

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