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“So, is it you, Josito?”


Josito is a good boy, from a middle-class family, a gifted telecommunications student who traces the explosion of electronic music to the Ruta del Bacalao in 1993. And the night confuses him, driving him into a spiral of darkness and drug abuse, which, fortunately, he manages to straighten. DJ Nano says, “Josito is not me”, but his story reflects the time many young people lived in when they discovered nightlife and electronics. Josito’s exploits told in the show The Rhythm Of The NightProduced by DJ Nano himself, in which the music is mixed with the great themes of the time, i.e. music with music music on,

José Luis Guarana de los Cobos (Madrid, 1977), later DJ Nano, played the song for the first time around that time in the mid-nineties. da funk, French electronic duo Daft Punk in a nightclub in front of about 1,500 people. “I was hooked by the feeling of sharing my musical tastes with people,” he recalls, and has lived on that sentiment ever since. “Actually, I’ve never been too clubbed, too much a party animal”, says even the host of the World Dance Music event at Los 40, “I’m usually in the booth while the others party”.

Nano, like Josito, made bad decisions, but he was not so deeply involved with drugs. “It was a world that never attracted me too much,” he explains in his hoarse voice, “though the electronic music scene was always dark and drug-related, I was always more cultural and on the bright side, which existed. Was also” . His point was to seek bad company and get into trouble, he came from a broken family with a premature absence like a father. Interestingly, in this case it was electronic music that got him focused and settled down. And, although the genre has traditionally been associated with the interval, it is now in the public domain, for all audiences, it is in the soundtrack, commercials and even the basis of Rosalia’s albums: electronic music in its own right. Has come out of redistribution and is allowed in other genres.

Electronic people are no longer a soul lost in vice and hedonism: evidence of their popularity is that DJ Nano was one of the representatives of the culture at the Royal House reception in 2020. His latest collaboration is with an artist. Mainstream Like Martha Sanchez. “In the beginning it was a lot” underground, a very small circle of clubs where fans went to, and feeding on music, it was difficult to get records”, says the DJ, “now it seems that some steps have been climbed and there are big events … although I miss that club culture”. A culture, as he recalls, united all kinds of social classes and urban tribes around thick bass and danceable beats. “I started in techno-trance, However now there are many DJs who use all kinds of styles in our sessions including rock or pop. If I had to define my style, I would say it has a lot of positivity, melody, vocal parts”, says Nano.

Nano has been in the booth for almost 30 years, and has been writing books, not only in booths, but producing shows (such as the legendary Old Gold Party). (across the booth, published in Libros Cpula in collaboration with Miguel ngel Bargueo) or the music which is now premiering, and which can be seen at Madrid’s Gran Teatro Caixabank Principe Pío. But his big project is to be the father of nine-year-old boy Travis (like “pilot Travis Pastrana, in character Travis Bickle Taxi driver, like punk drummer Travis Baker, like many cool Travis”, he recalls), an irrepressible fan, like so many of Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson’s children. “Today we are all going through difficult times, but especially young people, whose life has passed very important years… and I am amazed by the adaptability of the little ones,” says Nano.

His busy life as a successful DJ leads him to travel a lot and work late into the night, even when it doesn’t seem like a mess. “Many people might think: ‘Look at this, the whole holiday,'” he explains, “but there’s actually a lot of work behind it. If I play in a club at four in the morning, I am sleeping in the hotel by three. Then a shower and work”. But it’s easy to get carried away, not take care of yourself, and eventually go bankrupt: Nano has seen how many associates have had to back down or experience dramatic situations. The two recent victims of DJ Jeevan have been the deceased Avicii and Eric Morillo. Nano’s work as a DJ, focused on the weekends, allows him to devote the week to other matters, some of which are extremely important: “I can take my child to school every day,” they satisfy. say with. However, there have been seasons in which he has played in 87 different cities. Now, in that quiet time, he’s also producing an album with a “surprising” collaboration.

The positivity that DJ Nano carries as a flag is much needed in this turbulent world. “Yes, at times I feel that I am very positive about the circumstances around me,” he concluded. “The prospect of a military escalation in the Ukraine war scares me.” That’s where they call it: less war, more technical.