Display industry analyst casts doubt on 12-inch MacBook rumor

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Display industry analyst casts doubt on 12-inch MacBook rumor Listen to this article

in the last week, bloombergMark Gurman reported that Apple was considering launching a new 12-inch laptop in late 2023 or early 2024. Gurman said it was unclear whether the laptop would be a low-end MacBook or a high-end MacBook Pro. ,

MacBook 2016 12 Inch Features
In response to the report, K. Ross Young Display Supply Chain Consultant has revealed that it is currently “skeptical” about a new 12-inch MacBook.

“We’re skeptical at this point on a 12″ MacBook,” Young wrote, in Share the tweet with your super followers this day. “Apple’s strategy for laptops currently 13″ and larger. The companies we spoke with in the MacBook Pro display supply chain don’t know.”

Gurman and Young are pretty reliable sources when it comes to future Apple products, so it’s possible that Apple is still in the early stages of developing a new 12-inch MacBook, to the point that Apple’s supply chain is limited by the company. Currently unaware of the plans. Apple regularly prototypes a wide variety of products in-house, and doesn’t always go ahead with launching them all, as Gurman noted.

Young has revealed a wide range of accurate information about Apple’s plans, such as the iPhone 13 Pro’s ProMotion Display, the 6th-generation iPad Mini’s 8.3-inch display, the 14- and 16-generation MacBook Pro Minis. -LED display. Inches with promotions, the new MacBook Air’s slightly larger 13.6-inch screen size, and more, so it’s worth taking their feedback seriously, but it’s still too early to rule out the possibility of the new MacBook Air. 12 inches.

Apple has released low-end and high-end 12-inch laptops in the past. At the low end, Apple introduced an ultra-thin 12-inch MacBook that weighed just two pounds in 2015, but the laptop was discontinued in 2019. And at the high end, Apple introduced the 12-inch PowerBook G4 in the mid-2000s. .2000., prior to the original MacBook Pro.

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