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Batman Director Matt Reeves revealed that the film’s opening scene was inspired by iconic director Alfred Hitchcock. Batman It serves as DC’s latest interpretation of the Caped Crusader and also the first iteration of the character to exist outside the DCEU since Christopher Nolan. dark Knight The trilogy ended in 2012. The film sees Batman (played by Robert Pattinson) in his second year fighting crime as he works to track down a mysterious new serial killer known as The Riddler (Paul Dano). since the release of batman, The film has received high praise from fans and critics alike, with some film audiences even claiming that it may be the best Batman film of all time.

Over the years, there have been many interpretations of Batman’s world. That means, of course, that director Reeves certainly had a lot of work to do to make something that stands out from other directors’ performances, especially considering that Batman Was issued with the ongoing DCEU. One of the most prominent ways that Reeves’ film differs from previous Batman projects is in its style. While Batman has often been described as “The World’s Greatest Detective”, most adaptations of the comic book character have focused more on his crime-fighting action. In some ways, Reeves’ film feels like a noir detective story that some have compared to David Fincher. Seven.

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In a recent interview cnetDirector Reeves has revealed that one of his biggest influences for this genre of film – specifically for Batman Opening Scene – Hitchcock was the master of Hollywood suspense. Many Batman movies begin with a thrilling action scene. However, Reeves has revealed that he intentionally did not want to start Batman Here. Batman It begins from the Riddler’s point of view as he gazes through a pair of binoculars at his first victim. Reeves has said that this was inspired by Hitchcock’s belief that “Going to the movies is voyeurism.” Viewers are getting a glimpse of people’s lives on screen, so Reeves decides to make the most of it by spying viewers on The Riddler. See his full quote below:

I wanted to put you in the place of these characters. I’m very attracted to Alfred Hitchcock’s saying because the act of going to the cinema is visibility, isn’t it? We all see people’s lives on screen. And I thought the idea of ​​putting the audience in the shoes, or in this case, Riddler’s binoculars, and spying on him from the start, would be an unexpected way to start a Batman movie. These movies usually start with a lot of action: something dynamic and crazy happens. But Ave Maria. Starting from [a classical piece by Schubert] Puts you out of place. You start to realize, “Oh, something bad is about to happen.” And then it gets you into this kind of mindset.

Reeves is actively trying to make one of the most suspenseful Batman movies ever, so it’s no surprise he turned to The Master for inspiration. Hitchcock’s movies are filled with sinister characters who spy on each other in order to get to the dark ends. psychopath Norman Bates spies on Marion through a hole in the wall before the infamous shower scene. vertigo Featuring a full sequence lasting about six minutes, a private investigator follows a woman through San Francisco without dialogue. Of course, the most famous, the plot of rear window Perfectly focuses on a man who observes the lives of his neighbors from his apartment through his binoculars.

Reeves certainly made a fruitful decision to start Batman Leave this unique way. The film is almost three hours long, and beyond the opening scene, there is hardly a moment in the film where the audience doesn’t feel like the on-screen characters are being watched by a sinister presence. Of course, by the end of the film, it’s clear that this is true, making Reeves’ film an incredibly well-crafted piece of both story and tone. Reeves set out to make a new kind of Batman movie, and it looks like he did exactly that. Maybe if he were alive, Hitchcock would be his fan too Batman

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Source: cnet

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