Destroyed a network selling marijuana for smoking through a website of products for medicinal use

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Destroyed a network selling marijuana for smoking through a website of products for medicinal use Listen to this article

The Civil Guard has intercepted 107,000 marijuana plants intended for domestic consumption to a criminal organization that sells them via the Internet through channels used for the distribution of cannabis for industrial or medicinal uses. On a website used for medicinal cannabis (CBD) products, five detainees sold buds from plants produced in various gardens in El Ejido (Almeria) and Córdoba through a distribution firm based in Barcelona, ​​and with which they juiced benefited.

“If you have a farm to produce fiber, you have to discard the buds of the plant, if you use them you already enter into illegality”, explain the sources of the investigation. In Operation Krampus, agents have intervened in addition to 107,000 marijuana plants, 10,300 cannabis plant harvests, 498 kg of cannabis strains, 908 kg of buds, 2,779 CBD products and 1,447 containers of buds ready for sale. “The common use of CBD products are cosmetics, and their consumption was also recommended on the page. CBD products need to be regulated by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products and in this case there was none”, says a spokesman for the Armed Institute.

Marijuana Buds Intervention in the Civil Guard's Operation Krampus.
Marijuana Buds Intervention in the Civil Guard’s Operation Krampus.

In mid-2021, the Almería Civil Guard identified a farm on the outskirts of El Ejido with thousands of plants that were not intended to produce fiber or seeds for medical, scientific or research uses. In that initial phase of the operation, agents arrested two men and seized 64,100 cannabis plants. In addition, they determined that the detainees had a relationship with a company that distributes CBD products based in Barcelona.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the online store sold plants from four cannabis plantations and an industrial warehouse located in the province of Córdoba, where agents confiscated machinery to treat the buds and obtain hashish resin. During the inspection, investigators destroyed a room set up for the production of cannabis harvesting, making it difficult to locate the plants and control the plantations, the Civil Guard stressed in a statement.

Agents have made a total of 11 entries and searches between Almería, Córdoba and Barcelona in proceedings directed by the Court of Instruction 1 of El Ejido in this operation.

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