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Demi Moore herself Suitable His recent return to the public sphere is more of an “awakening than a comeback” and the latest news about him confirms the clarity of this new phase of life. As confirmed by the magazine page sixlike a movie star Evil spirit either lieutenant O’Neill Renowned chef Daniel Hum has brought an end to almost a decade of bachelorhood. The 46-year-old Swiss, awarded three Michelin stars for his work at the helm of exclusive New York restaurant Eleven Madison Park, has already been seen with the 59-year-old interpreter at the presentation of Chloe’s autumn-winter collection. Ultimate Paris Fashion Week. Although they haven’t made the relationship official yet, the publication says it lasted several months and they usually host “romantic dinners” at the restaurant’s establishment, also known for their philanthropic work through their foundation. Is known. rethink the foodwhich advocates a more equitable and sustainable food system.

Turned into true stars in recent years, it should come as no surprise that recently the public plight for the chef figure has also gone into the realm of media triumph. There are cases of stars like Amy Schumer, Neil Patrick Harris, John Legend or Spanish Christina Pedroche, all steeped in relationships with chefs by profession. Moore, the quintessential ambassador for a raw vegan diet in the Hollywood Hills — based on raw food or exposed to very low temperatures — will have no problem enjoying her new partner’s talent for the kitchen.

Eleven Madison Park is the only three-Michelin-star restaurant in the world to have an exclusively vegetarian menu, a commitment implemented last year after forced closures due to the pandemic and which aims to, in Hamm’s words, “reinvent food”. make and”. Redefine luxury as a gamble that serves a high end.” At the top of the establishment since 2006, just five years ago it earned the title of best restaurant in the world according to the World’s 50 Best list.

This new emotional delusion represents another step in the personal and professional rebirth of Demi Moore, who seems to have left behind the self-destructive spiral that ended their six-year marriage early last decade. had dominated his life. Actor Ashton Kutcher, inspired by his infidelity. “A part of my life was falling apart. I no longer had a career. No relation”, he says in his memoir from inside to outsideAdmitted to a detox clinic in 2021 for alcohol and drug addiction.

Demi Moore at the launch of her memoir ‘Inside Out’ with Rumer Willis, Bruce Willis, Scout Willis, Emma Heming Willis and Tallulah Willis.visual: Stephanie Keenan (Getty Images for GOOP)

Although she has not returned to enjoy that privileged position in the mecca of cinema during the nineties, and in which she has become the best-paid actress of all time, thanks to films such as streap tease, The one from New Mexico has also managed to set the pulse of her acting career. In recent years, he has jumped between recurring roles in television series and secondary characters in independent films with relative ease as his latest project.please baby pleasea real play strange Those who have just started their festival tour. He is currently preparing for the shooting of the film SubstanceA feminist horror film with Margaret Qualy (Assistant,

Demi Moore has been in the news these days after learning about the return from cinema of her ex, Bruce Willis, who suffers from aphasia, a brain disease that affects speech and the ability to write or understand spoken and written language. affects capacity. hero of crystal forestThe couple, 67, share three daughters with Moore, the fruit of thirteen years of marriage and a very close friendship despite their divorce in 2000. Such is their complicity that they even spent the first weeks of confinement forced by the pandemic together, followed by mobility restrictions. Willis returns to Los Angeles with his current wife, model Emma Heming. “This is a very challenging time for our family and we are extremely grateful for your continued love, compassion and support. As Bruce always says, ‘live it’ and together we plan to do exactly that,” read the statement signed by the interpreter’s family and also posted on Demi Moore’s Instagram account.

With nearly three million followers, the star of an indecent offer She is very active on a social network which she uses to share her daily work with her followers and as a platform Marketing About his other great professional performances. Ignoring the harsh criticism she’s received in the past for her beauty touch-ups, this past summer the actress didn’t hesitate Glow Bikini with her three daughters, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, aged 33, 30 and 28 respectively, to present the collection of swimwear firm Andy Swim, of which she is not only a prescriber but also a shareholder. Just a few months after celebrating six decades of life, Demi Moore’s wishes seem as valid and awake as ever.