Deal: Anker offers a cheaper dual USB-C charger option on Amazon, starting at $27.99. available from

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Deal: Anker offers a cheaper dual USB-C charger option on Amazon, starting at $27.99. available from Listen to this article

Today we’re tracking down a collection of discounts on several Apple-related accessories on Amazon, including Anker’s dual USB-C charger option.

Anker Dual USB-C Charger

Anker has a few options for Apple’s new 35W power adapter with two USB-C ports, and both halve Apple’s prices. prices start $27.99 For the 40W 2-port USB-C PowerPort charger in white, and a black one at a slightly higher price of $29.99.

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The second is a compact 40W 2-port USB-C charger $30.59, down from $35.99. You can get this 15 percent off by clicking on the coupon below the price on the Amazon page for the accessory, and it’ll be applied at checkout.

The first Anker charger includes a folding plug and measures about 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches, while the second option is much smaller, measuring about 1.3 inches in length but doesn’t have a folding plug. Both are about half of Apple’s $59 price for their dual USB-C plugs.

air tag

Amazon is discounting Apple’s AirTag line today, offering AirTag 4-Pack $87.99 On Amazon, under $99.00. That’s about $2 less than the last sale we’ve tracked and the second best price overall.

Airtag and iPhone Lavender

You can also get Airtag 1-Pack for $26.99, under $29.00. Both AirTag bundles are sold directly by Amazon and have an estimated delivery date of June 21-22 for each accessory.

ipad pro magic keyboard

Finally, there are some solid discounts on the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard line. prices start $249.00 For the 11-inch iPad Pro Magic Keyboard, for under $299.00 and available in black and white.

2021 Blue Magic Keyboard

The price of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro Magic Keyboard is $299.00, under $349.00, and also available in Black and White. These items are in stock today and are being sold directly by Amazon with an estimated delivery date of June 21-22.

Both Magic Keyboard deals represent the second best value on each accessory, and they’re the first time we’ve seen any notable discounts in a few months. Visit our full deals roundup to catch all the latest deals and discounts we’ve tracked over the past week.

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