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Daniel Marban: the former head of discipline of the PP in Madrid denied that the sanction given to the attacker of gender violence had expired

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Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s team in the Popular Party of Madrid had no procedural obstacles to punish a person convicted of gender violence, according to the version of Daniel Marbon Vazquez, former head of discipline, José Luis Álvarez Ustaroz, who is about Refutes what has been said. Newspaper by a party spokesman. According to the official version, when Ayuso took over the reins after his election victory in May last year, those responsible for internal sanctions received a finished file from the previous phase. When contacted by this newspaper, Ustaroj assured that they never opened the process as they did not give them time, so the three-month period for resolution had not expired.

The sanction was requested in writing by his victim on March 22 last year against the convicted person. The complainant was a former partner of Marban and corresponded with him in the circles of the young, new generation of the PP. She requested measures to separate Marbán from the party and for this she provided a copy of the sentence of the Court of Gender Violence No. 5 of Madrid, which sentenced Marbán to 10 days of permanent residence for the minor offense of harassment. The accused entered the victim’s house in a violent manner in the early hours of the morning, insulted her and threw objects from her on the ground.

Alvarez Ustaroz was one marriageable At that time he was part of the Madrid PP team that was about to leave. In response to EL PAÍS, he says the victim’s letter came through an internal registry on March 24 and he queued it up on a list of pending issues. “No further steps were taken. The file has not been opened nor has an instructor been appointed,” he replied. Time to do anything”, says Ustaroz, who is Majadahonda’s mayor but has not been selected by Ayuso to run for re-election.

According to other PP sources with knowledge of the matter, seeing the lack of action, the victim kept her stubbornness. She visited the Genoa Street headquarters five times to request measures against Marban. The PP spokesperson in Madrid has denied that the victim was neglected and assured that the new Rights and Guarantees Committee, chaired by María Jesús García-Alarilla, contacted the victim to resolve the matter, but she didn’t care , This version is refuted by the PP sources consulted, who maintain that the victim did not leave the case at any point. In return, they say, she got by stealing.

García-Alarilla has not responded to a request to know his version of this newspaper.

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The PP of Madrid is still on time to punish the slanderer. According to the laws of the Party, the punishment for very serious crimes such as this is determined within five years. The three-month expiration period corresponds to the time in which the file must be resolved once it has been opened, but it does not prevent the approval process from being reopened until a violation has been determined. The statutes provide expungement as a possibility for those convicted of crimes deemed inconsistent with moral obligations and duties.

However, a spokeswoman for the PP declined to answer whether the party was going to endorse Marbon. Knowing his legal problems, the party rewarded him instead of taking action against him. In June he was placed on the Madrid PP’s Organo de Atención al Ciudadano, a 12-member committee that receives complaints, complaints or suggestions. And last month he was included in the 110th of Ayuso’s candidacy for re-election as the community’s president on May 28. Future.

According to Madrid PP, Marban later resigned from being included in the list. ABC will reveal the sentence on Thursday, A party spokesperson, however, declined to answer whether he has been expelled from the party or at least separated from the civil service body.

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