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Copa del Rey Basketball: Real Madrid’s 13-year-old center Mahamadou Landoure has a future at his feet

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A Landour dunk against Barcelona.
A Landour dunk against Barcelona.ACB photo (EL PAIS)

Due to the cup final being held in the afternoon the flood of people warned that there is always a will for basketball in Badalona. “It’s full”, one of the Olympic security officials apologized as he entered the pavilion, which he did not see in the press accreditation. And it came to pass that there was not room for a nail in all the hinges except at least the top one; The 8,630 people, which was a historic record for the competition – the previous record was 3,814 at Granada 2022 – boded well for some of the boys, who had never been seen in such conditions before. Thus, the stands looked great, were full of color (the Blaugrana team was largely due to their geographic proximity) and parents with children, families were excited to spend Sunday mornings watching high-flying basketball. , which was the best possible for the children of Spain. Although none like Madrid center Mahamadou Landoure, a Malian who at the age of 13 years and 2.11m was tall enough to break Barcelona (84-74), was making the idea that it is better to play as a team instead deterioration of persons. Landour was very much in and expanded the white power in Minicopa, as they have won nine of the last 10 editions, all of which is their accolade and lead them in wins ahead of Barcelona (6) and Joventut (4). who came in third place. this version.

It was soon explained that the bet against the world would be Landour. Madrid’s 14, bundled and coordinated too well to be true generation, made early jumps, picked up rebounds and dunked. Seven seconds had passed. A very intimidating business card, even though Barca already knew who they were fighting against as last year they were invited to play in the Mini Cup. But that didn’t deter the Catalans, inspired by the food in the stands. “Barka, Barka, Barka!” In a sensational atmosphere, thunderous applause was heard, everyone smiling at the interval, although competitors criticized the referee when the ball bounced and as more than one whistle was heard. But that, the game, was bettered by Barcelona, ​​encouraged by triples from Filba, Pérez, Villarejo and especially Tamayo. This was the only area that could not have Landour. However, Barca did not take advantage of shots from the perimeter and tried to hit the basket. Mistake. Landour were present.

The Badalona Olympians, during the Mini Cup final.
The Badalona Olympians, during the Mini Cup final.Country

It so happened that White was able to sign Madrid’s first 10 points on a 14-run run, an unstoppable center who enforced his law under both hoops, signing 56 points and 33 rebounds in the game (16 offensive and 17 defensive; more) was able to grab. All compared to Barça, who saved with 29), in addition to 5 blocks and 14 fouls. In any case, there was no end to his singing and although Barça came through to open the gap to nine points, Landour asked for the ball again, explaining that there was no one to bundle him under the post. Is. He was joined by Owolabi and Patrick and Filba replied with his drop shots, so everything was to be resolved in the final quarter, when the light reflected a 60–58 lead.

There was nothing that bothered Landour who, although he was not to blame for his physical superiority, monopolized the attention and the cheers, as either he performed one of his usual dunks with two hands, Or because the defense was imposed on him. Some. More than anything because Barca no longer had Pivots left – exhausted both by the accumulation of fouls when they were unable to cancel him – and because they scored 17 points in the final quarter. So with the score at 81-68 and a minute and a half to play, the Madrid coach finally decided to give him a day off. Not much – as Barca added five points in a row – and this resulted in a good fight from the respected men. It was, in any case, the way to ensure the title, with one second to go as his partner squared off. The circle was closed and Minicopa was his, after explaining that the future, like that of rivals, lay at his feet, a player in the oven as in his day Ricky Rubio, Doncic, Garuba, Domantas Sabonis, Juan Nuñez and Vembanayama was the hero in other editions of the tournament. Its first and last names were: Mahamdou Landour.

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