Continuous AFib monitoring comes to Fitbit watches after FDA approval

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Continuous AFib monitoring comes to Fitbit watches after FDA approval
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Fitbit Google owners came this week come closer To compete with the health features of the Apple Watch after the FDA approved its new algorithm for continuous monitoring of users’ heart rates.

Irregular Heart Rate Notifications from Fitbit
Like the Apple Watch, Fitbit devices with heart rate monitoring capabilities include an ECG app that the user must run manually to check for irregular rhythms, which can be a sign of atrial fibrillation (AFib), a potentially serious cardiac arrhythmia. Situation AFib affects approximately 33.5 million people worldwide, and people with AFib have a five-fold increased risk of stroke.

For many years, the Apple Watch has outperformed rival smartwatches by including an irregular rhythm notification feature that sometimes checks the heart rhythm in the background and checks if an irregular heart rhythm that could be atrial fibrillation is detected. is identified (AFib). , Upon receipt of a notification, users can launch the ECG app and perform a more extensive 30-second test by placing their finger on the Digital Crown to generate the ECG waveform.

Google’s new PPG (photoplethysmography) algorithm works in much the same way, passively monitoring heart rate in the background at night and making a potentially more capable lifesaver whenever the user is resting.

Clinical validation of the Fitbit PPG algorithm is supported by data from the landmark Fitbit Heart Study, which launched in 2020 and enrolled 455,699 participants over five months. The studio was fully operational during the pandemic, making it one of the largest remote studios ever for PPG-based software. data presented in American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2021 found that Fitbit PPG detection correctly identified AFib episodes 98% of the time, as confirmed by the ECG Patch Monitor.

Google says the new PPG-based algorithm and irregular heart rate notification feature will soon be available to consumers in the US across a range of heart rate-enabled Fitbit devices.

Apple plans to further strengthen the health intelligence offered by the Apple Watch this year with a new body temperature monitoring sensor expected to be included in the Apple Watch Series 8. As part of watchOS 9, Apple also plans to improve its function. detection system. With a new ability to measure how long a person is in atrial fibrillation over a given period of time.

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