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Jared Bush, Byron Howard, Yvette Merino and Clark Spencer won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film for Charm.
Jared Bush, Byron Howard, Yvette Merino and Clark Spencer won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film for Charm.Brian Snyder (Reuters)

AttractionDisney’s animated film inspired by the history, geography and culture of Colombia has won the Best Animated Film award tonight. The film’s co-director Byron Howard, along with two of his teammates, said on receiving the award, “We want to thank the whole of Colombia.” Co-producer Yvette Marino said, “I am proud to be part of a film that brings forth beautiful and diverse characters, and people around the world can see for themselves.”

Attraction, a film about a Colombian and multicultural family with extraordinary gifts, called Los Madrigal, has been a huge success for Disney mainly because of its soundtrack. your song no mention of bruno It has been leading the Billboard music charts for several weeks, as has its entire soundtrack, which also had more replicas and sales than English singer Adele’s last album (a success that Disney recognized as the soundtrack to the 1992 film Aladdin). Wasn’t repeated since then). this year Attraction was nominated for Best Animated Feature (competing with two from the same production company, luca And Raya and the Last Dragon), Best Original Score (which the film won) Doon) And the best original song.

Disney’s nominated song this year was two caterpillarsPresented at the Oscars by Colombian Sebastian Voyage, who appeared at the awards in a black suit decorated with yellow butterflies that evoke the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, They were accompanied by a couple who danced Colombian rhythms such as bambuco, maple, cumbia and some salsa, and behind them a decoration that evokes the biodiversity of Colombian geography. The song was composed by New York Puerto Rican Lin-Manuel Miranda, who announced before the awards ceremony that he would not be able to attend. because his wife Received a positive result for Covid-19. “My kids and I came out negative, but as a precaution I won’t go to the Oscars,” he explained on his social network. Later, Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi, Colombian Carolina Gaten, North American Becky G, Stephanie Beatriz and Megan Thee Stallion sang the film’s great success, There is no mention of Bruno.

The film has also been a box office success – over $250 million since its release five months ago in November last year. Attraction American Charis Castro Smith, directed and written by Jared Bush, Byron Howard, the latter two also directors zootopiaAnother Disney success that won the Oscar for Best Animated Film in 2017.

Attraction The film is inspired by the magical realism of the novel. One Hundred Years of Solitude – contains references to yellow butterflies, the Buendia family or the matriarch of Remedios la Bella – but whose central theme is a family drama. Mirabel, the granddaughter of the Madrigal family, is the only one of their clans with no special gifts such as healing wounds with food or disguising herself as a chameleon. Unlike superhero movies, Attraction Rather, there is room to question the characters of ‘I can do everything’. Its protagonists are all women, and reflect small calls questioning the obligations of being the prettiest, strongest, most perfect. Bruno, an uncle who is judged harshly by the family’s parents, has become a central figure to represent the vast abyss that can be created between relatives.

“It fills us with pride that the film AttractionInspired by the cultural and natural wealth of our country, receives recognition at the Oscars as Best Animated Film”, Colombian President Ivan Duque wrote about the news of the award, “It is undoubtedly an invitation to the world to discover the magic of Colombia.”

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“There is a great stigma in Colombia of little value like Mirabelle [la protagonista de la película]”, Alejandra Espinosa, a writer and one of several Disney consultants to create the script, told EL Pass. “We do not know who we are, always looking for foreign cultural models to define ourselves. I always keep my identity at the center of the debate.” Attraction There is an animated and very Disney identity to Colombia, but at the same time a different proposition for a country that is more commonly associated with the series. narcs And not with Mirabelle, that girl with glasses who wins an Oscar with her tonight Attraction.