China enforces lockdown near Foxconn’s main iPhone manufacturing plant

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China enforces lockdown near Foxconn's main iPhone manufacturing plant
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China’s Zhengzhou city today imposed a lockdown near Foxconn’s main iPhone manufacturing facility, which could eventually affect Apple’s supply chain, reports bloomberg,

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There are some areas in the economic zone of Zhengzhou airport. quarantined Cash immediately, and people in the area must stay in their homes and are not allowed to go out. The airport’s economic zone is where Foxconn’s largest iPhone assembly plant is located, with employees shutting down following mandatory COVID testing.

China is enforcing a lockdown to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and these efforts could have an impact on Apple device manufacturing. Right now, it appears there’s no delay to the iPhone or iPad, but Apple is grappling with the lack of a MacBook Pro. Apple suppliers Pegatron and Quanta recently halted production in eastern China due to restrictions.

In March, Foxconn was forced to suspend production in Shenzhen for several days after a city-wide lockdown prevented residents from leaving their homes. The shutdown lasted just days before Foxconn was able to resume production, with workers living and working at the factory in bubble arrangements.

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