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ChatGPT will have a more powerful paid version Technical – elmundo

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There will be a paid version of ChatGPT, the chatbot that popularized generative artificial intelligence (AI) systems. ChatGPT Plus will cost $20 per month and will improve upon the features of the original tool, which will remain free.

Those who pay the subscription will get three benefits. Firstly, they will have access to the chatbot even at peak usage. The tool’s success has worked poorly during certain hours of the day due to the number of people connecting; Premium users no longer have to wait for peak hours to pass.

Second, according to the subscribers will also get faster service Details on its website Open AI, the company that developed the tool. And, third, they’ll have access to “new functions and improvements” that will be gradually rolled into the service. They don’t mention it, but probably refer to GPT-4, the new version of AI that this tool is based on.

The ChatGPT payment service will only be available to users in the US, though the company plans to add it to new countries in the coming weeks. Only people who signed up for the waiting list the company opened on Discord a few weeks ago will have access to this version.

“We prefer non-paying users and will continue to provide free access to ChatGPT. Subscription will allow us to contribute so that the free version remains available to as many people as possible, ”explain the developers.

The success achieved by ChatGPT among the general public has created a stir among the companies. Microsoft was one of the first to move. If last week it announced an investment of $ 10,000 million in OpenAI, of which it was already a partner, to improve the tools, yesterday it revealed that Teams Premium, its paid collaborative work application for companies The updated version will include ChatGPT.

The service, available for $7 per month, will allow users to automatically generate meeting notes, personalized presentations and other tasks, such as real-time translations of video call participants.

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