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Catalonia wants a way not to fire interim teachers who do not pass protests Catalonia

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Interim teachers protest during an ERC election campaign act in Cornella on Saturday.
Interim teachers protest during an ERC election campaign act in Cornella on Saturday.Kike Rincon (Europa Press)

The Department of Education will form a commission with unions to prevent interim teachers with more years of experience from being fired if they do not obtain one of the fixed positions provided at various stages of the stabilization process. The rules governing this process – state – consider the termination and compensation of these workers. According to the interim report, about 2,000 people could lose their jobs, in a sector that is short of personnel and teachers are not covering all replacements.

The lack of invocation of the opposition during the crisis years a decade ago has fattened the pool of interims with additional temporaries – contracts last longer than six years, according to Spanish rules -. In the case of the education sector, this affects 16,825, but the number of temporary gaps for more than three years – the maximum set by European regulations – is 35,804 people. For this reason, the stabilization process for these personnel has been opened throughout the administration. In particular, education offers 29,279 fixed places: 12,859 through qualifying competitions (without exams), 14,246 through extraordinary protests in July and 2,174 through ordinary protests, over the medium term.

Pindok, a forum for interim teachers, warned a few days ago about the risk that around 2,000 teachers could be fired at the end of the process – in December 2024 – if they do not pass a qualification competition or protest. 30 million compensation costs. If the figure materialises, it would mean a strong attrition for a field where professors are sorely lacking in many specialties and where hundreds of positions remain unfilled due to lack of alternatives.

The possibility of termination of interim personnel is considered in Law 20/2021 on urgent measures to reduce temporary employment in public employment. Specifically, the seventeenth additional provision establishes that temporary temporary workers will receive 20 days of work compensation per year “from the date of effective termination.”

Education has assured that it is committed to creating a commission by next September “to study the situation of interim people who have needs and have not been selected after participating, in stabilization procedures, and to assess their continuity able to do” teachers as the said commission will be created within the regional table, where the main educational associations are represented.

Pindok considers the measure “inadequate” and demands that all interims with more than temporary terms be directly granted a fixed position. And they remember that most affected by the layoffs will be middle-aged women with family responsibilities who may not study hard enough to make up for the opposition. “It cannot be that someone who has been a teacher for 17 years is suddenly no longer able to practice,” criticized Pindoc spokesman Victor Del Arco.

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The USTEC union, the majority in the education sector, criticizes the lack of education specifications and demands a stability agreement for these interims, to guarantee their appointments. “It makes no sense to fire a teacher, compensate her, and then go back to the interim pool, starting from scratch,” complained spokeswoman Iolanda Segura.

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