Carlos Alcarz Against the Curse of Miami

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At 18, Carlos Alcaraz has a chance to take a double bite from tennis history this Sunday (7:00 PM, #Vamos). If Mercian (7-6(5) and 7-6(2) against Hubert Herkaz in the semi-finals) maintains the formidable dynamic of recent times and is able to beat Norwegian Kasper Rood (6-4 and 6-1) is) against Francisco Cerúndolo) will become the first Spanish male representative to win the Miami Masters 1000 and, at the same time, become the youngest champion in the history of the tournament. Today, the record is held by Novak Djokovic, who was crowned at 19 years and 314 days against Argentine Guillermo Caas on April 1, 2007, thus taking his first of 37 trophies in that category.

Prior to Alcaraz’s current challenge, Sergi Bruguera (1997), Carlos Moyu (2003), David Ferrer (2013) or Rafael Nadal, defeated in 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2017, remained at the door of the prize. Only Arantex Sánchez Vicario (1992 and 1993) was seated in the spectacular setting of Miami.

“I am trying to watch the final like any other match. I’m going to have fun and try to do my best”, said the Spaniard after surrendering to Harkaz in a toss-up duel, settling in two tiebreakers which he skillfully resolved. As soon as the victory was over, the boy went to the chair and repeated the heartfelt dedication he’s been doing this week and a half before greeting the fans: He gave Akash a kiss and soon after he put on a dedication seal Camera: “This win is yours, Juankie.” The recipient was Juan Carlos Ferrero, his coach, who was absent in Florida due to the recent death of his father.

“Everything I have achieved is thanks to him and to him. Although he is not here, he is always with me”, underscored the genius of El Palmar, a municipality of 25,000 residents in which he grew up and began giving out his first rackets. “The success of having a lasting relationship is the friendship and the person far before the professional. Carlos is showing me that and more. I think he’s making an extra effort for whatever he’s going through”, the former number one had previously expressed in a statement to the #Vamos channel, which is what his player himself has demanded. Grateful for

“Head, Heart and Co…..”

Ferrero traveled to Miami with Alcaraz, but the incident forced him to return to Spain. In his absence, Samuel López – Pablo Carreo’s coach, also integrated into the Villana Academy, where the finalists work on a daily basis – supervises him from the bench and his agent, Albert Molina, does not separate from him. “And my father is also with me. My three uncles have come, too many people,” said the pearl of Spanish tennis, a revolutionary who has turned the circuit upside down and who invites us to think whether now yes or yes, without delay, generational change. will be a reality. He does this, he says, by leaning on the three legs recommended by his grandfather, the three C’s: “head, heart and co…”.

Alkaraj still has that spontaneity in his speech and that childish freshness of debutants who have yet to be overly controlled. In any case, the ball is getting bigger and bigger, and if New York marked a turning point last year – it reached the quarterfinals of the US Open, Miami may be first and after in a race to look spectacular. could.

Alkaraj is about to hit a backhand against Harkaj.
Alkaraj is about to hit a backhand against Harkaj.Eric S. Lesser (EFE)

Despite the fact that a golden future was already predicted for him, Mercian is speeding up the process more than expected and his landing means a major test in a circuit that has hitherto been relatively stable and stable, predictable. , was without a lot of opportunities for promotion. And with a very predetermined hierarchy: big three, three or four big mouths that haven’t managed to knock on the door, and the rest on autopilot. That is to say, Alcaraz’s thunder has an absolute effect on his game, in the hope that the degree can lead him to the dimension that is set for him.

Meanwhile, he approaches everything with outrageous naturalness. Will follow the protocol of rigor at the gates of history; That is, before the clash with Rood – having lost in the only instance on Marbella soil last year – he would take a 20-minute rest nap two hours before jumping onto the track, and he would have a little fun with his mobile and his big close. chatting with. In this last sense, he is reminiscent of Nadal, who is used to traveling around the world with an important family and professional convoy.

from cheater to cheater

“There are a lot of people around me”, knowing that if he wins he will be the third youngest player in history to be crowned in the 1000, only Michael Chang (18 years and 5 in Toronto, 1990) Months) and Nadal (18 and 10 in Monte Carlo, 2005). He already has 50 wins on the ATP circuit, a record achieved at a younger age than Roger Federer (19 years and two months) and Novak Djokovic (19 and 4).

Alcaraz continued to fly and garner praise, being unanimously chosen as the top candidate to seize the future. The current one, however, has been held face-to-face with the Norwegian Rood trained at the Rafa Nadal Academy, who is eighth at the age of 23. Category And he will also debut in a final of this magnitude. by nature earth dweller – Six of their seven trophies have been won on clay – on their way they have fielded Laxonen (86th), Bublik (33rd), Nori (12th), Zverev (4th) and Serendolo (103rd). They are characterized by their perseverance in exchanges and their mental fortitude, although they lack a nimbleness in defining the point.

“We all see that he has talent. He understands the game well, has an exceptional mindset and selects shots perfectly. It’s impressive, but it also carries risks; Hopefully, he will make some mistakes. When he beat me he made me feel like I had no chance, but now I want to use that experience”, Nordic says. “I think I am a better player now”, confirms Alcaraz, who has expressed his mental strength these days tie break, against Miomir Kekmanovic and Harkaz. “But, of course, so is Rudd,” he concludes on the eve of a date that could mark a turning point in the racket sport.

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