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Canarian law is decided by Lenovo Tenerife Sport – elmundo

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copa del rey – rooms – working day 1

lenovo tenerife

lenovo tenerife
Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria
Jamie Fernandez throws against Benitez.
Jamie Fernandez throws against Benitez.ACB Media (Country)

The first Canarian derby in the history of the cup had no colours. come and see magnetic Show Spirited Lenovo from Tenerife, powered by Jaime Fernandez (26 points) and Shermadini (6 of 6 on 2-point shots), tore apart the Gran Canaria team, which held its own for only one quarter.

The duel began with an infectious frenzy, strikes as lightning as they were on point, as if the teams had been metabolised Harlem Globetrotters, Hints and drives to the basket by Jaime Fernandez, who broke the hips, and Shermadini’s undeniable power in the paint, capable of scoring a alley oops Or a dunk after posting under the hoop. Led by Fittipaldo, who moved the ball at hypersonic speeds, if not impossible triples were out his sleeve. Although from the perimeter Gran Canaria had nothing to envy from the start, always intimidating Diop inside and looking for outside positions so that Shurna and Benitez – two for the shave in the first quarter – with an assist from Brusino Stand out which is further but its basic form. Albicy was added to the basketball orgy with his juggling act on the one hand and Marcelinho Huertas, with his standards and wrists, on the other hand, was also a Salin who joined the party at 6.75. An exhibition room that promoted Lenovo (30-25).

The group that has settled in the elite in the last five years, recently champion for example of the third Intercontinental – against São Paulo – in the last six editions, Lenovo adds and continues its progress, one driven by the technical sector The perfect pick and shovel by Txus Vidorreta because it improves every season and, above all, it’s a guaranteed wardrobe expansion. Abromatis, Fran Guerra in the post, Selin with his three-pointers and Rodríguez and Huertas with their mid-range shots entered as the second line and broke down Gran Canaria, which did not shine in defense but rivals in the Olympics. The attack caused a lot of damage. Success. Nobody like Jaime Fernández, scorching inside and out, the two trios that took so many repeats from Bassas and Slaughter to open up a remarkable gap expressed when reaching the intermission (55-38), Gran Canaria already The secret of the cup is entrusted. But in front of Jaime Fernandez, with 16 points so far, everything was more complicated. “You can’t imagine resting with so many points …”, admitted Vidoreta.

Gran Canaria didn’t give up, generated superiority but couldn’t finish in the paint, no matter how hard Diop and Inglis tried – Brusino was also disqualified as he didn’t even get into shooting position – Under the centimeter of Lenovo de Guerra and, above all, Shermadini, who got his hands and body out in time, also had some rebounds that enraged Jaka Lakovic on the bench, desperate as he found a way to turn the game around. Could not find map. Perhaps his best with Shurna’s triple-18 points—Albicy and Bassus, almost always from the corners. Or Balsarowski’s dunk that evened the score to a hair in the third quarter (72-58). Insufficient to break Lenovo, who also dragged the eternal Marcelinho Huertas, on his way to quarantine, and his peripheral vision.

The aspiration to return to Gran Canaria lacked poise and ingenuity, one loss after another which Lenovo did not take advantage of either of them as they already had everything, far from being the team where they played the ball cast where he put his eye (it stayed at a remarkable 60% shooting accuracy). Nothing that would infuriate Jaime Fernandez, who took the lead to victory and explained that Canarian law is set by Lenovo Tenerife.

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