Britney Spears visits Donatella Versace, the designer of her future wedding dress

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Britney Spears visits Donatella Versace, the designer of her future wedding dress
Britney Spears visits Donatella Versace, the designer of her future wedding dress Listen to this article

The friendship between Britney Spears and Donatella Versace, one singer and the other a designer, goes back more than 20 years. During these two decades, both have supported each other publicly and privately. The singer has worn Italian designs on tours, performances (like she did) With Michael Jackson in 2001), on the red carpet (when she won three MTV Awards in 2008) and in her personal life, and has also participated in some of her shows; For her part, the sister of the late Gianni Versace has always shown her affection for the artist and, in recent times, has been widely supported in her struggle to free herself from the guardianship imposed by her father, which she did last November. had achieved.

Now, the relationship has taken another step and Donatella Versace has decided to meet Spears in person. The dressmaker has traveled to Los Angeles, California – where the Oscars will take place on Sunday; That is, where many professional commitments are concentrated these days—to go to the singer’s house, to chat with her, and to meet Sam Asghari, her boyfriend of more than four years.

Spears has posted several photos of the meeting your instagram profile (with 40 million followers), which Versace has repeated in itself (along with about eight million others). “Look who has come to meet you. These two bad bitches are no good”, wrote the interpreter with symbols of flowers and hearts. “It was wonderful to see you again,” replied the dressmaker. However, in this journey, beyond etiquette, another issue may be underlying. Because months after Britney announced her engagement to Asgari, a pink tulle dress took to Instagram, prompting some to ask her if it was her wedding dress. She denied it and was clear with the message: “Donatella Versace will make my wedding dress, as we’ve said.”

So, this trip could also be the first contact to embark on that design for other reasons as the singer has made it clear that she wants to get married as soon as possible after a long decade of denial of freedom. In fact, in the photos Spears posted, she is seen with two different shirts, it can be seen that she has changed her clothes during her stay at Versace’s house. The 66-year-old dressmaker poses with the jacket in one image and without it in another.

It was in mid-September when Britney Spears, who was still unable to finalize her legal guardianship, announced that she was engaged to Sam Asghari. The singer, 40, and personal trainer, 28, will try to get through the altar as soon as possible, among other reasons because she has assured that she wants to have a baby with him; He explained this during a hearing before the judge, explaining that his father had forced him to insert an IUD to avoid pregnancy. This would be her first and third marriage for her, having been married in 2004 and with childhood friend Jason Alexander for just 55 years and Kevin Federline, the father of her two children, Sean Preston, between 2004 and 2007. Had it. 16, and Jaden James, 15.

The relationship between Donatella Versace and Britney Spears is very old, and a turning point occurred in 2002. Then the artist went to the Versace show in Milan, where she sat in the front row and wore a beaded dress in colors. Italian Home “I’ll never forget when you came and stayed with me, Brittany, you were and will always be magical.” author wrote Remembering that moment a few months back.

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