British police are already preparing 20 fines for banned parties in Downing Street

admin March 29, 2022
Updated 2022/03/29 at 5:57 PM
British police are already preparing 20 fines for banned parties in Downing Street
British police are already preparing 20 fines for banned parties in Downing Street Listen to this article

The London Metropolitan Police, known as the . is referred to as New Scotland Yard, has continued to investigate the Downing Street Party scandal during the lockdown, while the Boris Johnson government, the opposition and media across the country have turned their attention to the invasion of Ukraine and practically writing off an issue that is barely two Months ago, he had laid the final stone on the Prime Minister’s political career. But this Tuesday, those responsible for the investigation announced that they already have the first 20 fines ready for delivery to staff at 10 Downing Street and 70 Whitehall (where the prime minister’s cabinet office resides) who have committed social distancing. Breaking the rules of distance. Police assumed investigative capacity at all twelve of the events held at government headquarters during the pandemic. More than a hundred questionnaires, with the possibility of fulfilling a formal obligation and even doing so with the help of a lawyer, were sent to people appearing in hundreds of photos, emails and documents handled by investigators. Among the recipients of these questionnaires/inquiries were Johnson himself, his finance minister, Rishi Sunak, or the secretary of the cabinet (and number one in the body of senior officials), Simon Case. In fact, Case was responsible for conducting an internal investigation into the scandal, which he had to leave in the hands of his deputy, Sue Grey, when it became known that she herself had attended one of the parties.

Downing Street has already reported that Johnson is not among the first to be fined, but there is no indication that he may eventually get his sanction, as the general consensus is that Scotland The yard has just started paying fines. First administrative punishment. They are not criminal sanctions, and are therefore not included in the sanctioned person’s police record. Scotland Yard also did not name those who have been fined, and the law does not require their superiors to approve them. In Johnson’s case, however, there is a clear commitment on the part of the prime minister and his Downing Street team, if he receives one, to make it public. However, the British government still does not acknowledge that the law has been violated publicly, so much so that the prime minister was able to deliberately mislead parliament and was forced to resign. A spokesperson for the executive said, “The prime minister has already apologized for everything that was not done well, the way the whole matter was handled and apologized for all the mistakes.”

“It’s a shame that, while the rest of the country followed the rules, the Johnson government acted as if the rules for the pandemic weren’t even written for them,” Labor Party number two Angela Rainer said on Tuesday. Once again there is a demand for the resignation of the Prime Minister. Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats, added to his request: “If Johnson thinks he can get away with the consequences partygate, Hey you lying. We all know who was responsible,” he said.

Despite a cascade of conservative deputies joining calls for resignation at the most delicate moment of the entire scandal, and the number of people sending “letters of no confidence” to the parliamentary group’s leadership, action against Johnson for forcing internal distrust After that the position of the party has changed a lot. The war in Ukraine, the need to show unity and support for the government, and the fact that the prime minister has managed to rise to the occasion, pacified the unruly spirits of many deputies. That’s not to say that Johnson is off the hook, because it would be difficult for banned parties to justify a ticket. It would confirm that the prime minister broke the law and lied to parliament and that there are many secret critics within his party who would be keen to return to the fray.

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