Brazil latest country to consider forcing Apple to adopt USB-C for iPhones

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Brazil latest country to consider forcing Apple to adopt USB-C for iPhones Listen to this article

Brazil has become the latest country to propose that Apple move away from the Lightning connector on the iPhone and switch to USB-C.

iPhone 15 will switch from Lightning to USB C in 2023
as reported by tech blog (Via 9to5Mac), Anatel, which serves as Brazil’s consumer authority, has opened up a new proposal that would require all smartphones in the country to adopt USB-C. Like the US and EU proposals, Anatel says that fully wireless charging devices will not need to move forward with USB-C adoption.

Anatel says moving to USB-C will offer “greater convenience for consumers” and reduce global e-waste.

Apple has faced pressure from governments and agencies around the world to switch the iPhone to USB-C after more than a decade of the Lightning port. under pressure, such as a source bloombergMark Gurman and Ming Chi-kuo of Mark Gurman and Ming Chi-kuo have confirmed that the company is testing an iPhone with a USB-C port.

As the iPhone 14 approaches, reports suggest that the USB-C iPhone won’t debut alongside the iPhone 15 until at least 2023. There have long been rumors that Apple is moving to USB-C for the iPhone, but getting ground with the law in Europe. Well, looks like it might happen soon.

Law in Europe would go beyond forcing USB-C on the iPhone and also require all iPad models and all Apple products, including AirPods, to switch to USB-C. If the law passes, Apple will have to ship particular iPhone USB-C models in Europe or switch to USB-C worldwide. The proposed mandate in Brazil will take effect from July 1, 2024, if approved.

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