Betis beat Osasuna and wants to fight for the Champions League

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Betis beat Osasuna and wants to fight for the Champions League
Betis beat Osasuna and wants to fight for the Champions League Listen to this article

Alex Moreno celebrates his goal, Betis' fourth, against Osasuna.
Alex Moreno celebrates his goal, Betis’ fourth, against Osasuna.Julio Munoz (EFE)

Betis is clinging to the fight for the Champions League. The Andalusian team overtook Osasuna with a spectacular display of football and efficiency. A landslide in which footballers such as William Carvalho or Alex Moreno stood out, who were able to pull off two plays at the highest level, scoring just the winning goal from Betica for two goals. Betis are a happy team, clinging to the idea of ​​their coach Manuel Pellegrini, who played his 400th game in the Spanish league. From that delight he pulls off plays such as Carvalho or Alex Moreno, who destroyed Osasuna’s resistance, focusing heavily on attacking after Budimir’s goal in search of an equalizer.



Bravo, Hector Bellerin, Alex Moreno (Ral García de Haro, min. 90), Bartra, Victor Ruiz, Guido Rodriguez, Etore Ruible (Rodri, min. 75), Joaquin (Guardado, min. 80), William Carvalho, Juanmi ( Sabali, min 91) and Willian Jose



Herrera, David Garcia, Juan Cruz (Aridan, Min. 45), Nacho Vidal (Javi Martinez, Min. 68), Manu Sanchez (Jose ngel, Min. 45), Brasnac (Kike Garcia, Min. 68), John Moncayola, Lucas Toro, Ante Budimir, Chimi Avila and Rubén García (Roberto Torres, Min. 79)

aim 1-0 min. 33: Juanmi. 2-0 min. 45: Juanmi. 2-1 min. 64: Before Budimir. 3-1 min. 81: William Carvalho. 4-1 min. 87: Alex Moreno.

punch Valentin Pizarro Gomez

yellow card William Carvalho (Min 37), Jose Angel (Min 80), David Garcia (Min 86) and Chimi Avila (Min 89)

Betis wins, fights for the Champions League, and pleases his men, who dream of the Cup title. It does so without enjoying football and longing for its two great stars, Fekir and Canales, who missed the match against Osasuna. The Navarrese team has done it all in the league, forfeiting permanently. Betis walked over to him. He faced the match with more intensity against such an in-form opponent, as in some sections of the second half, when Budimir’s goal put him in the game. The brakes, Betis, have been amazing. His pace was excellent throughout the match.

Betis enjoys a great season. Trapped in the cup final, he approaches matches like Osasuna with a lot of maturity. It matters little to him that there are no players like Canales or Fakir, nor Borja Iglesias. Pellegrini’s frame is a very well assembled machine. For this reason, without one of their two references in the field, luxury subordinates appear who perform their tasks with brilliance and precision. At the top we must put Joaquin, who at the age of 40 easily went on to provide football to Betis. From his own vantage point, Joaquin set the pace of the game in an incredible way, which was well supported by two players like Guido and William Carvalho. In that soccer triangle of passing and control, Betis adds speed and overflow, thanks to its two full-backs, Bellerin and Alex Moreno, with two real daggers on the wing.

Hence, many argue against an Osasuna as with everything done in the league. That’s how Navarrese has earned it. Of course, at Vilmarine they were unable to stop Betis’ barrage of games. At 12 minutes, Alex Moreno, who delivered an actual recital, sent a header over the crossbar so that Joaquin would fail with everything in his favor under the sticks. At age 13, a clear contact was not considered a penalty when goalkeeper Herrera went out of his way at Eter Rubel. Betis’ two very clear choices that were barely answered in Osasuna were tied by two long shots from Moncayola. Bravo cleared one with great difficulty. In Bellerin’s umpteenth overflow on the wing, the ball ended in small area, where Nacho Vidal tried to clear without realizing that Juanmi was going to steal his bag to score. A terrific goal that shows the qualities of the striker who broke the losing streak to reach his 17th goal this season. At the stroke of half-time, the second blow came from the second flank, in which a forward pass from Victor Ruiz was followed by a brilliant pass from Alex Moreno. Juanmi finished from left to score a brilliant goal, the second of an Andalusian team being launched. And there are 18.

Herrera kept Osasuna in the match with two brilliant defenses against Bartra and Victor Ruiz. The football, which made no sense, went from a predicted 3-1 to 2-1 in the only mistake made by Betis’ defense. Budimir scored and the score was cut short. Not that the difference between this Betis and Osasuna. Carvalho came into the field to leave Herrera sitting on the ground and beat him in a game of heavy quality. Wilmarine fell. Like when Alex Moreno ended his brilliant game with a brilliant goal. The winger, who is knocking on the national team’s door, entered the area, tunneling behind David Garcia and scoring with his right foot. This was the fourth. A happiness like the happy state of this betis who wants more.

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