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We select the best tabletop ovens for the home from recognized brands such as Princess and Cecotec.
We select the best tabletop ovens for the home from recognized brands such as Princess and Cecotec.

From country showcaseWe have had the opportunity to make several comparisons of Fryer Without Oil reduce fat intake Hence, enjoy a healthy diet, The key to these devices is that they apply hot air technology for which food is cooked and toasted, with the added benefit that it is not necessary to use oil; In some cases it is possible to use the minimum amount if we deem it appropriate.

This hot air technology, however, is applicable for other kitchen appliances such as the following selection of mini ovens that also include a fryer function. Thus, these desktop models are, among other things, a . is characterized by Compact, square design and high capacity,

Which mini ovens with air technology have we chosen?

The following tools participate in the comparison: Insky IS-AF002 (7.75), Cecotec Bake & Fry 1400 Touch Steel (8.75), princess 18207 (7) and SOGO HOR-SS-10490 (8.5). They have been analyzed and each has obtained a final average assessment, taking into account the following aspects:

  • Design: In terms of build quality of the mini oven and the accessories involved.
  • Eligibility: Each machine has a specific capacity and schedules cooking for a certain number of guests.
  • Result: Like oil-free fryers, it is impossible to compare the results with conventional ovens, as their operation is completely different. We compared between each mini oven to see if the crispiness of the food, the texture, is the cooked food tender?
  • Usage Experience: If the machine has responded to our needs and if the pre-installed programs have it working correctly. On the other hand, how is the cleaning experience?

Mini Electric Ovens With Air Technology Comparison: This Is How We Tested Them

Over the past month, we’ve tested four of these devices for performance, ease of use, and consistent results. Prepared foods include: Chicken, Chips, Fish, Vegetables and Croquettes… we not only used the default programs they suggested, but we also adjusted the temperature and Prep time to customize recipes to our likingBecause these two values ​​are adjusted through specific controls.

Of the four options, Countertop Oven with Air Cecotec Bake and Fry 1400 Touch Steel Have obtained the highest final average score. It differs from others not only for its build quality, but also for its results when cooking different foods, which gives the texture and crunchy touch better than the rest.

Cecotec Bake & Fry 1400 Touch Steel Mini Electric Kitchen Oven with Air: Our Picks

Aesthetically, it looks like one of these Most Beautiful Designs of Comparison thank you stainless steel material yes yours handle with trim, It also shows optimum durability and for this the manufacturer has included (among other details) a door made of multiple layers and a double crystall Which makes it easier to maintain the temperature better.

not a single one is missing generously sized touch screen Thereby the user makes use of its nine preset functions: Toast, Broil, Pizza, Grill, Chicken Wings, French Fries, Dehydrate, Heat and Bake, On the other hand, it is combined two hand control in the form of rotating wheels that the manufacturer has placed on each side of it Display With the aim of optimizing the temperature value (up to 220ºC) and time.

data sheet

  • Power: 1,700 watts.
  • Eligibility: 14 liters.
  • Preset Tasks: Heat, Bake, Dehydrate, Roast, Toast, Pizza, Grill, Chicken Wings and Fries.
  • Adjustable Temperature: up to 220ºC.
  • Belongings: Grill, fryer basket, roaster with handle, potato basket, fat collection tray.
  • Dimensions: 335 x 352 x 380 mm.
  • Other: Touch screen, double glass door and five layers, interior light to control cooking status, operation indicator light, height adjustment at three levels.

offer 1,700 watts of power And although its capacity, for example, is slightly higher (14 liters) than that of the Princess Mini electric oven, this does not prevent it from offering a more compact size: 380 x 352 x 335 mm. How about user experience? It provides the best results if we compare the taste, taste, and sensations with most of the foods we’ve tried, including french fries, as long as we add a teaspoon of oil.

the fact of being one double resistance up and down It allows you to cook faster and with few preparations makes the result even tastier. Electric Countertop Oven Cecotec Bake & Fry 1400 Touch Steel Comes with a tray that can be stacked at three different heights Along with these other items: Grease tray, roaster, potato basket and grill.

Best, Worst and Conclusion

the best: Build quality, results and cleanliness.
worst: Could have included some more accessories.
Conclusion: It has proved to be the best mini air oven not only from the design point of view but also in terms of the performance and result of the food we cook in terms of taste and texture.

Sogo HOR-SS-10490 Mini Electric Kitchen Oven with Air: Optional

count with one good assortment of goodss, because in addition to the usual ones in this class of appliances (baking trays or fryer baskets, among others), there are also a few more that deserve attention: a Pizza Stone up to 250 mm in diameter And a cage roller with rod If we want to make kebabs.

All of them are handled comfortably and the build quality looks perfect, though some details could have a better finish, especially since it’s the option that drives up the price the most. On the other hand, the construction of the mini oven is well solved: the whole structure is bathed in a stainless steel casing And this door is double glass, feeling of cool touch of handle This door is not as expected and we recommend using a cloth.

In-spite of this great potential (18 litres), one does not realize that its size is larger than the size of the competition and that its 1,500 watts of powerWith few exceptions, they work well. Thus, foods like chicken wings take on a tender point that we didn’t expect. What we liked the most was the way we cook vegetables with Secotake’s offering. By the way, the included cookbook is appreciated.

Electric Tabletop Oven Sogo HOR-SS-10490 an alliance Digital Information Display With LED Light And a row of physical buttons by which you can activate your eight set menu, timer function with automatic shutdown (1-60 minutes); temperature control (between 40 and 230º); oven light button (Others have too); And fan select button (high or low mode). The knob on the left allows you to adjust and customize the time and temperature.

Innsky IS-AF002 Mini Electric Air Cooker Oven: Best value for money

Its aesthetic follows trends in this class of devices, so it’s quickly recognized. and though your design door is removable, we only took it off once to clean it because then it took us longer than expected to put it back on. Speaking of cleaning, as with the Princess model, they are mini kitchen ovens that are more expensive to clean.

with regard to the performance of the machine, and taking into account Its price is the cheapestTo complete more than enough Let some other preparations like fish or chips surprise you with your mission. It provides the following features: 1500 watt power, 10 liter capacity and the following cooking programs: Fries, Roast, Fish, Shrimp, Pizza, Chicken, Pastry, Espido, Dehydration, Reheat.

Innsky IS-AF002 Electric Tabletop Oven It includes, along with a recipe book, these other items: six skewers for roasting, two trays for cooking and dehydrating, a drum for making french fries, a roasting fork, a drip tray and one for preparing chicken. a skewer. Other data of interest: auto power off And overheat protection.

Princess 18207 Mini Electric Air Cooker Oven

Tabletop Electric Oven Princess 18207 The following accessories are included: a grease traya rotating basket With a practical handle for preparing french fries, three grids which can be used to cook more than one dish simultaneously, a skewer also with handle And a recipe book,

With a size of 466 x 450 x 386 mm, it is somewhat larger than some of the larger capacity models, as this model is 11 liters. It is made of ABS plastic, adheres to the surface as expected and in the middle part we get a backlit touch screen to control its functions which responds very well to touches on its surface.

Through this, we access ten pre-installed programs: one is for meat, the other is for fish, pizza, chicken, cake… however, It is possible to program the time manually (up to 60 minutes) and Temperature (between 80º and 220º) if we like it better when preparing this chosen recipe.

It makes good use of its 1,800 watts of powerIts operation is not particularly noisy and for greater safety it has overheat protection, It cleans well, but it’s true that it costs a bit more to remove accumulated dirt than other mini kitchen ovens with air.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of March 28, 2022.

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