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Practice allows you to do endless DIY tasks around the house.  Getty Images
Practice allows you to do endless DIY tasks around the house. Getty Images

There are tools in the home ‘handyman’ kit that can’t be missing, and among them is the drill with which to paint, hang shelves, or do DIY work. And although a preference may seem like there isn’t a lot of variety to choose from or that “any will do”, the truth is that it’s a product with many variations that should be taken into account: design and ergonomics, the material used to drill To be done, function, accessories, price…

Thus, the main thing before selecting a machine is to know what it is going to be used for, because apart from making holes, they can also be used to drill hard surfaces, sand, screw… in the same way, It is not the same for using it on softer surfaces such as plasterboard or wood than on other hard surfaces such as concrete.

Which models have we chosen?

With all of this in mind, and our goal is to find the best of drills for the home environment, in this comparison we have selected four drill models with some common features: they all perform screwdriver and unscrewing functions (they have a The hammer also has a) function) and they are wireless; Wired ones usually have more power, but cordless models are more than enough for this use.

In particular, it is about Black+Decker BL188KB (with an average of 7.5 marks), Bosch EasyImpact 18V-40 (8.25), Cecotec CecoRaptor Perfect ImpactDrill 4020 Brushless Ultra (8.25) and Makita DHP458Z (7.75).

To test their performance and assess their characteristics and capabilities, we’ve tested them to drill holes in a variety of surfaces: plasterboard (and the metal strips it joins), wood, brick and masonry. They are also used to screw and unscrew a variety of screws on various surfaces with and without rear holes.

Thus, we are able to assess:

  • Design and Ergonomics: Its weight, ease of insertion or removal of batteries, how adjustments are made to optimize power or mode of use, how it grips and adapts to hand size…
  • Power: This is one of the most fundamental aspects and will determine its capacity and performance: the higher the voltage, the more powerful it is. In general, the ideal is that it is higher than 12V, with 18V being recommended. Similarly, RPM (revolutions per minute) determines how well they will pierce the surface; A minimum of 1,500 rpm would be recommended for a home environment.
  • Battery: Its type, autonomy, charging speed or compatibility.
  • Belongings: What’s included in the standard drill: drill bits, screwdriver bits, briefcase, replacement batteries, other accessories…
  • Other: Extra functions, safety elements…

best home drill driver

After testing, the best drill with a screwdriver function for the home environment is Bosch EasyImpact 18V-40 Thanks to its combination of power, ergonomic design and smooth operation.

BOSCH easy effect 18V-40: Our Picks

With a very ergonomic design and inherent weight (it does not reach 1.4 kg), this is one of the most comfortable models to use. With 18 V power, it allows you to choose between two operating speeds from a switch located at the top (the lower one for screwdrivers at 430 rpm, the upper one for drilling at 1,630 rpm), while the two front wheels let you Its three functions (screwing, drilling and percussion) allow you to choose between and 20 torque levels. Thus, it is suitable for working on wood, metal, plastic, brick… and although it has a hammer function, it is only thinking of masonry, not concrete and other types of very hard materials. The fact that it includes LED illumination favors optimum work. In addition, we have noticed that it is quite silent during tests and practically does not vibrate at all.

data sheet

  • Colour: Green
  • Power: 18th
  • Max Chuck Size: 10 millimeters
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
  • Drill Type: battery operated hammer
  • Torque: 34 newton-meter
  • Amperage: 1.5 amps
  • Work: Screws, drills and percussion drills
  • Battery: Universallmpact 18 V 1.5 Ah, Charger AL 1810CV
  • Briefcase: Yes
  • turning speed: 0-400 / 0-1350 rpm
  • Torque Level: Twenty
  • Screw Diameter: up to 8 millimeters
  • Drilling Diameter(Steel): up to 10 millimeters
  • Drilling Diameter(wood): up to 30 millimeters
  • Drilling Diameter (Masonry): up to 10 millimeters
  • Dimensions: 33.3 x 22.8 x 9.1 cm

Its 13mm chuck has a single piece and makes it very easy to change bits and bits, which also keeps the system well-protected when loosened or tightened at rest. In this sense, it should also be noted that only a double tip for a flat and star screwdriver comes in the case. It includes a charger and a 2 Ah battery whose autonomy the manufacturer doesn’t report, but which we haven’t had to recharge during all the tests. Another detail about it: It can be used in any other DIY, garden tools and even vacuum cleaners of the firm as well as equipment of other partners.

  • the best: It is a compact tool with ergonomic design that works perfectly
  • worst: comes without accessories
  • Conclusion: It is ideal for all types of home DIY jobs, allowing drilling and screwdrivers on multiple surfaces with practically no noise and no effort.

Cordless Drill Cecotec CecoRaptor perfect impact drill 4020 brushless ultra: Alternative

It is the most powerful model in comparison: it has 20 V power, 2,000 rpm, impact rate of 30,000 rpm and a 4,000 mAh battery that can be interchanged with other devices of similar range and power. In addition, it provides an autonomy of about an hour. Power is noticeable when drilling, a task it does with somewhat less effort than the rest of the models, although the work is done on similar surfaces. With the built-in light, it also delivers a maximum torque of 46 Nm with 25+1+1 position which allows control and versatility to work with a variety of materials.

It also comes in a very complete pack. And it is that, in the briefcase, in addition to the drill, it also includes a handle that improves grip on hard surfaces and prevents vibration; a belt clip and a magnetic connector; The required charger, in this case fast (the battery fills up in about 100 minutes) and its power adapter; A set of 20 screw bits and 20 other bits. In the latter case, being suitable for wood and metal, they have different sizes and uses, and their quality is justified.

With a working autonomy of about an hour, the finish of the drill and the material used is its weakest point. In this sense, we will make special mention of its rings for regulating its function (drill, screwdriver or hammer) and adjusting the level of torque, which are difficult to manipulate.

Makita DHP458Z Cordless Drill

Its design is slightly more ‘thick’ than the competition model, with multiple angles and relief areas. Beyond the aesthetic value, we’ve noticed that these areas get dirtier during drilling, and they also cost a bit more to clean. Though the ribbed elastomer coating of its handle and the materials used to manufacture it make it very resistant to both dust and even water.

The drill has 18 V and 21 torque settings, with a tightening between 0 and 10 Nm. Very compact, its chuck is metal, includes light, has two different mechanical speeds and one detail we particularly like is that its battery (it’s compatible with 4.0 Ah models) is that Remaining in it is an indicator of autonomy. Its accessories also have a hook for hanging it from a belt or extra handles.

As for its handling, it is very solvent and we have only noticed that the spark came from the inside at the beginning of the tests, however, after consulting it, it seems to be a brush issue and it is eliminated with use. Has been done.

Black+Decker BL188KB Cordless Drill: Best Value for Money

Its technical features are similar to the winning drill in comparison: 18 V power, 52 Nm of maximum continuous torque, up to 1,650 rpm, 24 torque settings, 13-millimeter chuck, two speed levels… and it works equally on all surfaces. Well we have tried it.

As for its design, it is quite compact and lightweight, and its lithium battery is compatible with over 30 power and garden tools. The finish is rubbery, and the torque and function adjustment wheels adjust smoothly. The aspect that makes it lag behind other models in comparison is the ergonomics, while holding it, despite the fact that as we say it is lightweight, it has marked “holes” for fingers on its handle. And it’s easy for them to not match your hand well and therefore become somewhat uncomfortable if you don’t wear gloves.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of April 3, 2022.

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