Basconia lost to Monaco and lost almost all their chances of qualifying for the quarter-finals.

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Basconia lost to Monaco and lost almost all their chances of qualifying for the quarter-finals.
Basconia lost to Monaco and lost almost all their chances of qualifying for the quarter-finals. Listen to this article

In Awakenings, Robin Williams and Robert De Niro’s film, Basconia comes back to life for a few days and returns to lethargy after being briefly happy and enjoying the competition. After losing on a Monaco pitch, Vittorian still has one option left to qualify for the top eight in the Euroleague, but something as complicated as hitting a pool. This is because the three rivals with whom he competes for eighth place lose all his remaining games, which are many; And just as Vittoria’s team has only one left to play, Monaco has two, Fenerbahce has two and Red Star three. Lots of coin tosses always turn heads.

Only a miracle and a total defeat of three teams could have qualified Basconia, who eliminated such a possibility by refusing to play the final right of the game to Monaco. Ten won Monegasque and one last basket would have buried the mathematical prospects of the Vittorian team, who were able to keep their side basket average,

In spite of everything, Basconia had a good wake-up call in the last days, with Gaston Medessin starring in the room, against a new opponent in this EuroLeague spot and who could achieve a major breakthrough in terms of qualifying. After the very first quarter, which ended with a one point advantage for Vittoria, Spieza’s team disappeared from the pitch. At Diallo’s insistence, the home team came to the rescue and fired their shots, while Basconia found it difficult to concentrate on the game. The slowdown in the third quarter lasted a few minutes, until Monaco reached a 21-point margin (57–36) after a treble by Bacon. It was then that Spieza decided to give minutes to the men of the second unit. Baldwin didn’t work in distribution or launch, so Jason Granger came out. Uruguay’s point guard strengthened the team again. He got three triple points and the distance was reduced to twelve points.

A shot from three by Marinkovic to go with 6.43m, narrowed the gap to seven points. Basconia was again awake and making a comeback, but with four minutes to go, a controversial decision by the referee, who did not go to the monitor to verify that no one touched the ball that was given to Monaco. Tha Basconia player, who could have brought Vittorian even closer and captured the nerves of his rivals, switched the ball for Monaco and Westerman’s triple which reassured his team.

For a few moments Basconia brushed against mathematical elimination, but in the end Monegasque’s advantage remained at ten points and Basque had the least choice but to sit at the door to see the corpses of his enemies, but there are so many. It will get complicated they will all go underground.

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