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Barcelona’s Urban Guard investigates presence of meatballs poisoned to kill dogs

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The Urban Guard has launched an investigation to try to find out who (or who) is spreading meatballs with nails in parks in the Sant Andreu district in an attempt to kill dogs and other pets. Several dogs have died or been injured in recent weeks after ingesting these meatballs or other poison pellet traps. The alarm began among pet owners who posted photos and notices on social networks and ended with complaints filed with the Urban Police.

For questions from the Deputy Mayor for Security, Albert Battle -ERC- announced this Wednesday, in the Presidency and Security Commission, that urban residents located this type of meatballs in the streets, in the areas of Pegaso Park, in Antoni Santiburcio Is. Sao Paulo, Peronella and Rouen and in the premises of the Fabra I coat factory. “We know of one complaint in the Maquinista area where a dog ate a needle and we know of three more cases, one of which resulted in the death of a dog,” lamented Batley.

The deputy mayor has appealed to the public alerting them that if they find any kind of trap in the form of meatballs or sausages with poison or nails, they should take it to the city police as this is evidence with which a is checked. can be started. To find out who put the noose there. Along with this, he has also requested that in case of poisoning of any animal, the report of the veterinary doctor should be made available to the police offices of the Municipal Corporation.

The city council will disseminate an informational brochure so that dog owners know how to act and report cases of poisoning and accumulation of risk elements through evidence that they can provide to the police. The brochures will also be sent to registered dog owners and the College of Veterinarians in the city. Batley also cautions that the Urban Guard has already compiled several pieces of evidence that have been given to the Mossos d’Esquadra, which will certainly investigate this type of crime.

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