Barcelona partners approve agreement with Spotify

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Barcelona partners approve agreement with Spotify Listen to this article

Barcelona this Sunday approved a sponsorship deal with Spotify at an extravagant gathering held electronically for the first time in the club’s history. 625 votes were cast in favour, 48 against and 27 remained vacant. The Swedish company will appear on the men’s and women’s first team shirts as well as the training elastics of both teams. The alliance, in any case, went a step further and achieved an unprecedented event at Barca. Barca Stadium will be baptized as Spotify Camp Nou. An agreement for which Barca hopes to raise around 450 million euros in total.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta claimed: “This is the best sponsorship deal in the history of the club.” However, Barca did not explain the contract figures with the Swedish company. “Spotify has never disclosed any deals. Those are their rules and we should respect them. They have made an exception of letting us declare the term of the contract. I ask for maximum understanding. Let no one think that we are violating the rules of the club. Nor do we publish the salaries of the players”, justified Max Barca manager.

The streaming music and podcast platform will appear on the jerseys of the first teams over the next four years and, as confirmed by this newsletter, it will drop 57.5 million, plus 2.5 in variables. Training elastics were a topic of discussion in the conversation between Spotify and Barça. Initially the Scandinavian company name was meant to appear backwards. In the end, he too will be up front and pay 10 million for each of the three agreed-upon seasons.

In the case of the Camp Nou name, the communication between Barca and Spotify will last for 12 seasons. Julie Guiu, vice president of marketing for the club, explained: “There are examples like Real Sociedad or Mallorca that have made the name disappear. We wanted Camp Nou to be always visible.” Barcelona will charge 5 million euros for the stadium’s name until the stadium work is completed. barca space,

a prestigious place

Once Barca have completed their new home, the Swedish company will pay 20 million. At the club, they hope to collect five million in the next four courses and 20 in the remaining eight. “This is the best sponsorship contract in history not only in economic terms, but also because of the international launch of culture, sports and entertainment. It will be more than a football stadium, it will be an iconic place”, Guiu completed.

In other words, once the work is completed within the stipulated time, Barca will deposit 180 million euros in the name of the stadium. In addition to 240 for first team shirts and 30 for those in training. “I see one of the people in the room who has been hurt the most by the deal with Spotify, who is Darren Dean, and I want to thank him,” Laporta said. The son of former Arsenal vice-president and agent of Thierry Henry was the man who brought the Swedish company closer to Barcelona.

“Spotify is more than any compromise in economic data that Barca have on their shirts,” Laporta insisted. Rakuten drops 55 million per year for men’s shirts and Stanley’s three for women. Between the two, the Barca club charged 60 for 58 million, which would see Spotify leave them. Before the pandemic, Beko paid $18 million for men’s first team sleeves and training shirts. Now, Spotify will put the men’s and women’s training elastics in exchange for 10 million per year. “We will announce the sponsorship agreement for the sleeves before June 30,” Laporta announced.

Real Madrid receives 70 million euros per year from Emirates, which also sponsors women’s and men’s teams for both official matches and training shirts. Manchester United charges Teamviewer 55 for the same asset, Chelsea’s 47 and Liverpool’s 59.2. Joan Laporta observed: “This is a strategic alliance on its way to being a world reference. We evaluate companies’ sensitivity to the way we are and do things. I can proudly announce that Spotify will soon introduce its application in Catalan.

Julie Guiu, a key figure in the talks between the Swedish company and the Catalan club, said: “This is a unique strategic alliance between two major brands in the worlds of sports and music.” Spotify has 406 million monthly users and 180 million subscribers. The Swedish company was founded in 2006 and has an annual turnover of 2,689 million euros.

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