Barcelona FC: Pedri is here to rule

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Barcelona FC: Pedri is here to rule
Barcelona FC: Pedri is here to rule Listen to this article

Pedri, in a shot of his goal against Sevilla at Camp Nou this Sunday.
Pedri, in a shot of his goal against Sevilla at Camp Nou this Sunday.Albert Gea (Reuters)

There is no news of Pedri’s interest in cinema. Soon, everything will be known about his life and miracles, which are happening more and more in football. She is already a star, a condition that would subject her to full media scrutiny. Exactly a year ago, he was a promising teenager who arrived at Barca for four million euros. Nobody expected to see him in the first team. Now it is unimaginable to see him off the team, off the recurring annual list of selections and awards. Meanwhile, a shading in the pedi area creates allure.

Against Sevilla’s fierce defence, Pedri replayed the excellent goal he scored against Galatasaray in CinemaScope. One outside the box, the other in a smaller box. His last prodigy won the victory over Sevilla and crowned the rise of Barca, who long ago lived in the midst of darkness. The league will survive that, or so it seems, but the team is finally in its natural zone: it wins a lot, loses too little and the packaging of its game is being talked about again.

Barca’s debut has been attributed to two main factors, Xavi and the signing in the winter market. There is little to discuss on this matter. A less commented aspect of the flood is the effect of Pedri. After a four-month absence, he returned in mid-January. Since then, Barca have played nine league games: eight wins and one draw.

Neither goals, nor assists, nor passes, nor his massive performance – he walks across the field like an Ethiopian – sum up his impact on the game. Pedri claims to rule none other than the parties. With a season of first-class experience, it would be considered an impossible challenge for the 19-year-old, but Pedri belongs to a much smaller lineage of football players who are in command.

Wisdom, skill and conviction

His government is not strict. Pedri is the opposite of that heavy footballer who transmits an epic message to his teams. This certainly isn’t the final reincarnation of Beloust. His education lies in the right combination of intelligence, skill and boundless conviction. It is said to remember Pedri Iniesta, and some of that is true, but in the same way he refers to three eccentric, monumental players who are forgers of Barca’s football identity: Guardiola, Xavi and Basquets.

Football’s forebodings put all three under suspicion. He abandoned the pattern of modernity. Guardiola could not sprint, jump and crash. Xavi was short and diesel in the world of athletes. Less than a month later, the lean, lean Busquets took over from the giant Yaya Toure, who was later promoted to Manchester City legend. Although the verdict on Pedri has begun to be unanimous, there has been no shortage of reservations, doubts and criticism. soto voice,

The terminology reserved for this class of players is: he is not explosive, he lacks physicality, he loses his horizontality, he is unprepared for hand-to-hand combat. As far as the massive lack of goals is concerned, also refers to Pedri Iniesta, who never scored more than 10 goals in a season, but scored the most important goal in Spanish football and an important goal in Barca’s history.

Like his illustrious predecessors at Barca, Pedri knows football words by heart and uses it in the most appropriate team. This is a perfect symbiosis. Pedri is not measured by big Data, He measures the secret of his knowledge, a factor that separates a small tribe from the privileged. For these chosen people in football, the stats slip.

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