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Ayuso further said that it would be “a disappointment” not to gain an absolute majority on the 28-M elections in Madrid 28M.

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He said Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid, set this Friday the most ambitious objective for the May 28 elections: not to win an absolute majority. During an interview on Onda Cero, it would be “a disappointment”. After leading two minority governments, the Conservative leader has broken with Vox and wants an outcome in elections that would allow him to govern without her with extreme authority. “I wish I didn’t need it (el apoyo de Vox). I would like to fly free”, she went on. However, no poll currently predicts that he will obtain 69 delegates which would allow him to govern without negotiating his projects in the assembly, as Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla does in Andalusia.

“(No conseguir la majoraja absoluta) It would be a disappointment for me, a great shame, I would prefer it”, said the conservative baroness. “I am very excited that what we are implementing in Madrid is not every time we find ourselves with brakes. I would love the freedom of being able to do that”, she continued. “(…) It is not normal how they decided (en referencia a Vox) from the month of November or December that I was the enemy”.

The bet is the result of a very dangerous bet. Breaking with Vox at the legislature’s last plenary session on Thursday, Ayuso was left without the only potential partner in the assembly, as Más would hardly agree with him after Madrid, PSOE and Podemos passed the election.

Hurt as Vox stalled the 2023 budget, circular economy legislation, or the creation of a cybersecurity agency, the Conservative leader, with her decision, has left a narrow gap of action. Either she gains an absolute majority, or she has to backtrack on her relationship with Vox to retain power.

And thus, his political horizon is complicated. Because if Vox has shown anything in Madrid, it is an ability to resist Ayuso’s pull: in the 2019 elections, at the height of a surge in presidential figures, the extreme right-wing improved on its 2019 results.

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