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Atlético beat Valencia and keep their post-game lead

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Of late, however, Atlético has continued the growth of its game and results, in order not to miss the upcoming Champions League. Ever solvent and brilliant, he got rid of the Valencia headdress that Barajas is trying to rehabilitate. Griezmann, who improves and finishes games, and Carrasco, who fancies himself as the premier down the left, are poised for their fifth win in the last six games. Lemar, with a pass from Morata, testified to the team’s state of well-being and completed Simeone’s view that it is difficult to digest those left out from the start, that what is important is the quality, not the quantity of minutes.

The duel also had the edge of two teams and two clubs eyeing each other as an alternative to the Madrid–Barcelona monopoly. And not everything has a clear margin of reaching the manna of participating in the Champions League year after year, as is the case with Atlético, the relief and glory of the club. cholismoJoe returns to cheer on Argentina.

There is little left of that Valencia that whistled in the championship to be competitive. Two of his icons are now on the bench. Barja and Marchena, it is the last hope of Valencianism as the representative of the second, the only possible solution. Reaching out with just sports and emotion where management is not enough and doesn’t satiate a fan who just wants property to change hands. Baraja tries to get the team out of the hole with some good projects like Guillamón, Correa, Musah, Nico, Hugo Duro or Justin Kluivert, all cooking under the pressure of the relegation fire. Insufficient to neutralize this boiling Atlético. The team maintained the post-World Cup dynamic that lifted it to third place, no longer under the pressure of fighting for the title, but of securing a place in the next Champions League. It seems likely that Simeon would have given the latter with a solid key. He has found a backbone to connect his two most disparate values, Oblak and Griezmann. Hermoso, Molina, Llorente and De Paul improving, Koke and the Griezmann-Depay duo commanding. The Dutchman often taught the argument for which he singled out Morata. game with his back, which he adorned with many first-class touches.

This more defined and stable Atlético is the odd one out without the tension generated by the debate over Joao Felix. Nothing new for Simeone, who repeats an altered band formula from their early years. At that point, the right wing was exclusively for Juanfran and he played much of the game on the left with Filipe, Koke and Arda. When the opponent came to that side, Tiago or Gabi turned the game over to Juanfran’s free court. Now the team has lost the triangle Molina, De Paul and Llorente on the right, and there are orientation changes for Carrasco. Sometimes, it is remembered that the Belgian does not give much consistency and force to his controls in the race. But he takes pride in extremes and tries again and again, even though he is reprimanded that he may have one leg left. Last night he felt very comfortable that I am against the world he has to interpret. And on the mortar that Griezmann sharpens from the free spaces he wants, Atlético played a game. An electric and precise combination from foot to foot between Llorente, De Paul, Depay and Hermoso delighted the staff, who were elated by Griezmann’s goal. A straight and vertical sequence that beats Valencia’s three lines. Savic-Llorente and the French attacker’s final run and touch.

Buoyed by the goal, Atlético went into a gallop with Depay, whose left boot was dislodged by Foulquier’s stomp. The referee did not signal a foul and Valencia executed their best move of the match. A crossed pass with which Hugo Duro beat Oblak with a precise touch. The goal was corrected by VAR and converted directly into a free kick. SET also served to find that new hierarchies were also beginning to be established in the Rosiblancos. It was De Paul who carried it out and wrapped a bagel that greeted the squad closely. He shows his precise touch more and more, without appearing in front of him after a year and a half.

It didn’t take Atlético long to resolve when the game resumed. Three minutes later, a gallop and a shot from Llorente that Depay couldn’t get it down. The ball fell to Carrasco and he put up a wall with De Paul, leaving the Belgian ready to execute Mamardashvili. Dropped down the left, a position not strange to him from his time as a sub-21 and Juve, Morata took a temperate pass to cross Lemar and finish off Valencia.

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